Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today was a good day, was going to spend the day with my daughter, Patrice. She is one of those that always likes to have her Christmas shopping finished by the 1st of November. I use to be that way, but not anymore. We had a really fun day shopping and of course had to stop for a wonderful lunch. She is one very busy mommy and for us to get a day for just the two of us is a difficult task. So she just took the day off teaching and took off early this morning. After her two children were off for school. We arrived home about 5:00 and about 30 minutes later my very dear friend, Mary, called and said that she had fallen, could we please come up. She had alreay called the EMT and they soon arrived. They checked her over and said they thought she really needed to have some x-rays. So instead of them transporting her we just took her up to the hospital. Had her x-rays and soon found out she had fractured her shoulder. So off to bone dr. tomorrow. And for sure, she won't be back to work for a month to heal. You just don't know when things are going to happen to change your plans. We were blessed with a wonderful day and just as fast, it all changed and time was spent with a lot of concerns. As I sat there at the hospital I got to thinking how fast things can change, and thought about the times that we just take for granted that there will always be tomorow. Just wanted to remind everyone and myself, never put off telling those you love how important they are in your life. It only takes a few minutes to let them know how you feel. For tomorrow you may not have the chance. I know that this wasn't a life or death situation, but when I left her tonight, I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. And she will continue to be in my prayer's for a smooth recovery. If you would please pray for her also, I know she would appreciate them. I've seen the miracles come from prayers. And I'm a true believer in the works of prayer. Well must go for now, it's time to give myself some rest time, off tomorrow to care for mom with things around the house. And praying for a wonderful day ahead for all of us!

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