Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Can you feel that fall is in the air? The temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are falling!! As we begin to experience a season of yet change again? Let us focus on what goes on INSIDE of ourselves rather than outsied. Brenda and I had a long great talk today about the spiritual changes that we hope to begin, as we want to grow and change for the better, in Christ. It is often so hard to take a long hard look at ourselves and seek to change the things that are not really pleasing to the Lord, or ourselves. Join Brenda and I as we start a journey of working to change and become better at the things we could do differently, things to make us better as believers! Start to 'journal', put down the things you may want to change and keep track of your progress, thoughts. It is a great way to start!! As the evenings will become longer, colder, this is a great 'indoor' project. What do you think, ladies? Have a great afternoon!! Blessings, Linda

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