Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day of His Birth

Well the pies are made and salads started. And we're suppose to get some snow tomorrow. I love a white Christmas. Not like last year, we couldn't even travel for Christmas dinner which was only 20 min. away. When they plowed our street, we live on a dead end, the snow was piled up so high we couldn't even get out. So praying that everyone will be able to get with your families and friends. Christmas cards mailed, gifts wrapped, and Christmas clothes laid out. Busy, Busy!! The lights and trees decorated with our special ornaments, the smell of our favorites cooking near by, and the memories we carry with us from year to year. But, do we stop and remember the day Jesus was born is upon us. Was talking to Linda the other day and she said she enjoys celebrating him everyday. Do we and if not, why don't we??? How would it be if the first thing we think when we wake in the morning, is what a blessing today will be. And listen and watch for the signs that he is with us and showing us the way. So many days we let the day go by and take everything for granted. Then as night falls we may stop and talk with the Lord before we settle in before the next day approaches. What did we miss, what was he showing or telling us. All the busyness we so often can't remember half of what we did in one day. Let's try to slow down in the new year and make him #1 as soon as we rise. We may be really surprised at the things we hear and see, once we are focused on the Lord, and believe and have the faith that he's walking right beside us. Well I believe that I have 1 more symbol of the season to share with you.

Holiday Greenery

Evergreens in the winter have long been used for decorating. Their brightness in the gloom of winter represents eternal life, and hope for spring. Some legends say holly represents the crown of thorns worn by Christ, and the berries represent the blood He shed.

"Bring in the fir tree, the box, and the bay,
And deck out our cottage for glad Christmas day!"

These are words of a delightful old carol.


We pray that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and safety in travel. we will see you after the New Year. Hugs, Brenda

Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Morning!!!

Well, forgive me? I have been out of the loop here lately. With this being the week before Christmas, I imagine that many of you are busy as well with other things. Brenda, I just loved all that you shared with Christmas symbols. If I am repeating this, forgive me ok? I just learned that the early traditions of Christmas cards was to send the message of the gospel to those who could not read. The massive, beautiful stained glass windows in churches were done for that same purpose so very long ago. What beautiful reminders we have of our Savior's birth.

It is a very cloudy , cold day here today with the sun trying to peak thru once in awhile!! I know so many of you have already had rough winter weather!!

Well, I am still making some Christmas presents, and mailing out cards. Just a wee bit behind this year??!! LOL! But I have been enjoying the season this year, I don't always. It has become too commercial for me. However, a lot of what I have done is handmade and that kept me away from the hussle and bussle!!! This will be my goal more and more every year. Helps me to focus on the things that really matter!!

Enjoy your day everyone! Stay safe and warm those of you in the hard winter hit areas!

God's Blessings to All,


Thursday, December 16, 2010

The machine just keeps going and going!

Got up today and started in on finishing up sewing projects that are for Christmas gifts. I've been sitting here at this machine so long, that if I had a old Threadle machine, I wouldn't be able to stand up. What a blessing to have the electronic's we have today. I think the threadle is neat and love all the older things. But when it's time to getting some work done, I'll take the new ones. Some days I rant on and on about everything I have to do. But than I'll think about how the ladies of years past had to do the chores. Can you imagine doing the laundry in the winter! Anytime of year, it would take them the entire day!!! Now we just go in and turn a timer on and go about our merry way. Today we can clean house, do laundry and fix the meals in one day. Now I'm not saying that's the way I do it!!! But we have that opportunity if we want. For one thing, years ago the mom's were not running the children to sports events, parties, church activities, shopping, etc. The children then had to wait until mom had time to sew their new clothes. Everything was freshly made to eat. And as far as needing to go shopping for something to play with, there was no need, they would make their own or just play make believe. I'm not saying that we need to go back to all of the ways of the past, but it sure does make us stop and thank the Lord for the advances that have taken place. I can't even imagine what our grand-kids will someday have. But the one thing that we all shared from the past, today, and in the future, Is the Love of God! Because everyday we learn something new from him if only we look around us and listen. Well I have a couple of Symbols of the Season to share.


Although it is native to Mexico, the poinsettia as a symbol of Christmas is strictly American. First brought to the U.S. by Joel Poinsett, our minister to Mexico in 1836, the flower was named for him.

Lovely legends surround the bloom. One is of a poor child who wished to give a gift to Mary and was heartbroken because she had no money. As she approached the manger, she pulled some scrawny flowers at her feet, in a gesture of kindness. As she did, the flower was transformed into scarlet brilliance.

Enjoy the many varieties and colors of modern poinsettias as you celebrate your holidays.


The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe dates back to ancient times. When the Norse god Baldur was killed by an arrow of mistletoe, the tears of his mother became the plant's white berries. His life was restored by Frigga, Goddess of Love, who is said to have kissed anyone passing under the mistletoe. Thereafter, even enemies would call a truce when meeting under the plant.

Until next time, listen for what the Lord is guiding you to do. Hugs, Brenda

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boy its cold outside

Good morning, talk about cold!! They are predicting rain, ice and possible some snow flakes. But I guess, what do we expect. Remember last the big snow storm right at Christmas. It's ok, I love seeing it snow if I don't have to get out. And this time of year I have plenty to keep me busy inside. Want to share a couple of Symbols of the season.

The Christmas Tree
Trees have been associated with the holiday season for hundreds of years. One story involves St. Boniface, a 7th century monk. He used the conical fir tree to represent the Holy Trinity. In Central Europe, trees were hung upside down as a symbol of Christianity.

Martin Luther is reported to have lighted a small evergreen for his children, to demonstrate how the stars twinkled on the very first Christmas. The custom became popular throughout Europe. Prince Albert brought the custom to England in the 1840's.

As immigrants traveled to America they brought the custom with them. A shiny, tinsel-bedecked evergreen at Christmas is one of this country's most beloved holiday symbols.

The Christmas Rose
Deep in the mountains of Europe, a flower blooms in the depth of winter. This flower, a hellebore, is called the Christmas or White Rose. One legend tells of a young shepherd girl who was very sad because she had no gift to present to the Christ Child. In her sadness, she wept. Where her tears touched the ground, beautiful roses bloomed. She plucked a bouquet and presented it to the Babe.After that gift, the rose bloomed around Christmas every year.

What a totally blessed happening to see all the beautiful things that the Lord has provided for us, to see his love for us. Let's keep our minds and eyes open to see even the smallest blessing he is offering! Hugs, Brenda

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Well with the little bit of snow that we received over the weekend, it put me in the Christmas mood for sure. I got busy getting my cards out and will be starting my baking tomorrow. I had saved cards from the past years and came across a card that was titled "The Symbols of the Season". I'd like to share a few with you and more tomorrow. I found this very interesting.

This perennial herb has long been associate with the story of Christmas. The most popular legend relates that the flowers of the rosemary plant were originally white. During the Holy Family's flight to Egypt, Mary stopped to rest. She washed the Babe's clothes and spread them to dry on the nearby scrub. The plant's flowers became a heavenly blue, and a marvelous fragrance was bestowed upon the plant.

Legend also says that this plant will never grow taller than the height of Jesus, and if it outlives the 33 years of his life, the plant will grow outward, not upward.

Rosemary has been used for centuries to decorate altars at Christmas. It is regaining popularity as a prized holiday green and is widely used in wreaths and topiaries.

The Candy Cane
The candy cane, so beloved as a holiday treat, is symbolic of the first Christmas. It was created to resemble a shepherd's crook, for it was the shepherds who first heard the news of the Birth in the manger.

The stripes are also symbolic: the wide red stripe represents Christ's sacrifice, while the white stripes stand for purity.

This holiday as your savor its sweetness, be reminded of the sweet gift given to mankind centuries ago.

I know that all the commercialism will fill alot of our holiday. But I'm going to set with the grandkids and talk about the first Christmas. And what it means to each of us. Then we will go at midnight for the candlelight service. It's just beautiful and the meaning of it is a true blessing. So as we go along preparing for that day with family and friends, let's stop often and remember the, "REASON FOR THE SEASON!"
Will bring you more symbols tomorrow. Hugs, Brenda