Sunday, September 2, 2012

A good and blessed morning to all!!

Oh my gosh!  It really has been since the beginning of summer  that there has been a posting!
Forgive us please?!

We both were busy thru the summer!  Brenda is enjoying her new little gain. He is a precious one! But keeps her on her toes!

I kept busy thru the summer as well.  My health and disability issues often dictate what or how I do things?  But I am learning 'new normals' as each year passes I think!

I have been doing some studies thru my 'Girlfriends in God' website that I enjoy and those ladies sure bless my days!
It has been a VERY hot and dry summer out here in the heartland. Most days very humid and in triple digits.  I don't know about everyone else? But I a Soooo ready for the cool fall air and beautiful colors of leaves turning!

Hope each and everyone of you are doing well. Would love to hear how you are doing and what fall plans lie ahead!

Blessings to all!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It Has Been Awhile!!!

Good afternoon to all our followers!!

It has been several months since a post.

Brenda is enjoying her new grandson! She has been really busy helping to watch him and making sewing projects for him!

I too, am enjoying time with gkids!

Our farmers market has been open for the past couple of weeks and I enjoy going there each Sat.
I am able to get farm fresh vegs at far better prices than the stores!
There are crafts and plants and baked goods galore as well.
It is just an enjoyable morning every Sat for me.

I have been container gardening some herbs on my balcony. They are growing and thriving.
Just picked up a mini pack of some flowers to re-pot as well.

Have been busy working at some 'back to basics' things. Making own laundry and dish soap. There are several recipes online to choose from! So far the results have been good and you save a ton of $ per load!

These days I am trying to just enjoy simple basics of life that God blesses us all with! Looking forward to trying some new sewing projects, knitting and trying some needlework crafts.

Hope each of you have been doing well! Please let us know how you are doing!

May God bless your days and may you find the simple joys of God in His Word, as well as a beautiful sunrise/sunset!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 'Sonday' to you!

Good morning to all!

Gosh, it has been awhile since updating the blog. So sorry for that!

With gkids, life and commitments tend to take center stage so often! Lol!

Hope that our blog followers are doing well and life is treating you good!

Brenda has been very busy sewing and crafting as a new grand baby is expected to arrive in a few short weeks! Such a blessed and exciting time for her family! Also, her computer is down for the count right now .
Soooo......will keep you updated for her!

Life these days is teaching us both a lot! Or, more importantly, God is!!!

We both will be in more daily involved roles with our gkids. As we get older and less sure of our health and these aging bodies????? It gets a bit scary. But the joys our grandchildren of all ages, bring us? We cannot even express the wonder of it!!

Isn't God amazing?

Every day is a new beginning, a new challenge to learn from and enjoy!

Absolutely some days more than others? Some days far more difficult ?!Some days just pure joy and blessings !

Yet I am learning that thru each moment, each trial and phase of life that He is there and He is always willing to stand beside me, help and guide me IF I allow Him to! If I can manage to let Him be God and quiet myself to hear His still voice inside me!

Let's challenge ourselves to take some moments of each of our busy days. To calm and quiet ourselves and let God be God within our hearts!

May He bless and go before your day today!


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Good morning to all!!!

Well, we are nearly 1 week into this new year of 2012.

I have found an amazing website that has really been blessing me each day. It is loaded with great things to help us grow in our daily walk with Jesus!

The website is:

Please check it out! I promise you will be blessed.

My new year is bringing changes each day..... Good ones.... I think!

I am spending more time with gkids each day and they are a blessing. They bless me, challenge my thoughts and for certain make me smile!!!! It is true that kiddos DO say the darndest things, lol!!

Has anyone done any resolutions? I try each year and usually blow it by the 2nd day?!
This year I am looking more long term and looking for God to guide what I do, instead of hoping to rely on myself! That is never a good thing in my case!!

It is my hope that this year, I learn from Him, grow in Him, develop more friendships and learn from other sisters in Christ.

His blessings abound and I hope to learn and cherish each one that He allows for me!!!

It has been amazing weather here and I am blessed by the warm sunshine and crisp air! We are into winter and I am still able to enjoy the balcony and quiet prayer time with Him there!

My thoughts and prayers are with you dear ladies!
Life today is a journey, certainly a challenge some days!
I may not know every challenge that you are facing this day....
BUT HE DOES!!!!! And even if, at the moment, you may feel alone and confused??
Reach out to HIM!!! Keep hanging in there and know that IN HIS TIME you will see a victory! HE will see you thru!!! I have been at that place! I may be at that place again!!!

It is my prayer that, no matter what, we all remember His love, His strength, His wisdom is NEVER FAILING!! Lean on that, trust in that always!
May each one of us have a day that HE goes before us and we are blessed by HIM!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Your visits and comments bless our day!!


Friday, December 23, 2011


Good morning to all!

Well, Christmas is just 2 days away!!

I must admit, this has been a tougher season for me than usual.
Just have had a hard time 'finding that Christmas spirit' this year.

However, this has been a Very rough year. There just has been A Lot of health difficulties with family and friends, deaths, family member child custody, traveling a lot of a family member, the 'appearance of an estranged family member', caring for a post surgical VERY difficult family member (sadly is my mom) who has Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder, and several other mental issues.

Much more has also gone on, too much to even begin to detail here.
Suffice it to say? It has been a rough year that I am grateful to bid goodbye to ??!!

I have spent most of it on a spiritual roller coaster ride, sadly. Spent more time feeling frustrated and kinda angry at the Lord, to be honest?!

As we approach this season of His birth? I am finding myself reflecting a bit more, thinking a Lot more on how to move forward WITH HIM, standing right beside me , guiding and helping and strengthening me to do this battle called life!!

It is rarely easy? But how much harder do we make it when we allow it to work against us if we forget that we have an Almighty Savior that loves us and wants to do our battles not just beside us!?! But For Us!!!!!

I am thankful that this baby was born in this world! This Savior of mine!
'For into us a child is born'.........

This Child who became God in the Flesh and died for our sins.

I am Sooooo very thankful for Christ , my Savior! Thankful that thru it ALL, my doubts, my fears, my good days and not good days........He loves me, He forgives me and He stands beside me at All times!!!!

No matter what your life has been like, no matter what you may be facing now?? Believe me that Brenda and I 'get it'. Chances are we have or are been there too!

Join with us this holiday season as we begin anew and afresh. We desire a brand new season with our Lord. A new season of a stronger walk with Him!

We are so blessed to have in our hearts this Baby Jesus!!
If you don't know Him, please take the time this Christmas to search your heart for this baby born of a virgin, who came to take on the sins of mankind.

SO very thankful that He did!!!

Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

Hugs and Blessings,

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorating Day!!!!

Good morning to all!

Today is decorating day at the apt. Dd and I will ready the place for Christmas!

I enjoy putting up lights and decorations on the balcony. Begins to get me in the spirit of Christmas!

After my day yesterday??? I really need the Christmas spirit lifted!
Had 3 of my gkids over, which I love to do! Ever have those 'kid' days that just don't go so well??Pretty sure that you moms and gmas out there know what I mean??
The kids acted up all day. Fighting with each other, arguing with me.. It rained all day and many of the downtown Christmas events were cancelled. The rest Supossedly free' ones that I had hoped to enjoy with them? The 3 events would have cost over a hundred bucks! Really? Good grief!!!

So, the day just kept going from bad to worse with grumpy kids and grumpy gma!!
Chatted with Brenda last nite and vented. Thank you, dear friend, for reminding me that we are not alone. Every mom and gma has those rough days! Truth be told, prob more often than not !! Scream!! Lol!

Well, anyway , today is a new day. A new start and fresh beginning!

I am soooo very thankful that the Lord grants us a new beginning each day! Aren't you! I make mistakes far more than I want to! In my faith , and in my roles as mom, gma and friend.

I am so thankful that He will begin a fresh day with me. It is my prayer that this new day, I do a better job of showing His love and being His servant, and trusting Him more!!!

My He bless your day today, ladies!

Welcome to our new followers!



Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Christmas season is upon us!!!

Good morning to all!!
Can you believe that the last month of this year is upon us???

In many ways, this has been and still is.....a VERY long year for my family!!

Yet, in other ways, it is hard to believe that it is ending. Do you d, as I do, that the older we get the quicker the days and years go by???

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Would especially love to hear of any cultural or local traditions you may enjoy?!

One of my favorites, that I confess, I have not done in awhile.....
Swedish hot iron
cookies. These are a batter 'snowflake' design cookie The iron is dipped into the batter, then dipped and quickly fried Sprinkle with a touch of powder sugar. They are lite, crunchy and melt in your mouth!.
Strangely, it was a recipe shared by a friend. My family is of French and
English heritage. Lol!!
Hope to hear from some of you and what you and your family enjoy doing to celebrate!

In the meantime, hoping that everyone enjoys this season. Take the time to remember what the season is truly about. Remember to 'breathe' and enjoy the time for what it is meant to be!

GoDBlessings to all,