Sunday, June 10, 2012

It Has Been Awhile!!!

Good afternoon to all our followers!!

It has been several months since a post.

Brenda is enjoying her new grandson! She has been really busy helping to watch him and making sewing projects for him!

I too, am enjoying time with gkids!

Our farmers market has been open for the past couple of weeks and I enjoy going there each Sat.
I am able to get farm fresh vegs at far better prices than the stores!
There are crafts and plants and baked goods galore as well.
It is just an enjoyable morning every Sat for me.

I have been container gardening some herbs on my balcony. They are growing and thriving.
Just picked up a mini pack of some flowers to re-pot as well.

Have been busy working at some 'back to basics' things. Making own laundry and dish soap. There are several recipes online to choose from! So far the results have been good and you save a ton of $ per load!

These days I am trying to just enjoy simple basics of life that God blesses us all with! Looking forward to trying some new sewing projects, knitting and trying some needlework crafts.

Hope each of you have been doing well! Please let us know how you are doing!

May God bless your days and may you find the simple joys of God in His Word, as well as a beautiful sunrise/sunset!