Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Saturday Morning To All!!

Good AM Ladies,

Well it has been a crazy hectic week as we got my mom settled in after her surgery. She is staying at my daughter's for awhile to recouperate and heal. Could REALLY use your prayers as my mom is a very difficult personality to deal with under good circumstances!!!!

It is a sunny and hot day here today. Already gave my little container garden a watering!

Hope to get a section of my room done. Trying to come up with storage ideas and get some things unpacked!! How is it that we always have more stuff than space? Lol!!

Any ideas will be appreciated greatly!!

What are your plans for today? Would love to hear what everyone is up to?

Welcome to our new followers and those who stop by!!

Blessings, Linda

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rainy/Windy Day!!

Good Morning to All!!
Well, it was a stormy night here! Lots of thunder, lightening and plenty of hard rain coming down!
Much needed for the farmers and their crops, thank you Lord! He does see to our needs doesn't He?
Brenda has been busy with her move. Think her and DH will really enjoy their new place!
My family and I have been busy with my mom, who recently had surgery. She will be recouperating at my daughter's house for awhile.
The first of my cherry tomatoes is appearing. Hooray!! I do container gardening on my balcony.
Have just a few herbs and cucumber and tomatoes so far. Still going to plant some lettuce and flowers next week. What are you ladies doing? Please share your gardening stories?
Tomorrow is Farmer's Market Day out here!! Wonder what fun things I may see?
Welcome to our new followers!! Always a joy to meet new friends!!!
Have a blessed and peaceful day everyone!
Blessings, Linda

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Having some trouble with our blog acct at times in posting and in corrections. I made an error in the title below, it is 'Building Our Homes'. When I tried to correct the typo, I couldn't.
Sorry for the error!!

Buildind Our Homes

Hi Ladies,
It is 'Building Our Homes' Wed!
Check out this group that is forming over on:
Just some like minded ladies that want to share ideas of the home, scriptures that bless, etc. Thank you to Linda at Prairie Flower for her idea.
For me, my goals are to keep working at making my smaller living space more comfortable and workable. My small bedroom is also my craft desk space. Any small space ideas would be appreciated!
I am working on rearranging my furniture to make it more functional and relaxing.
I think that 'going up' the walls does create more storage, as well as baskets, etc.
I am going thru old family photos again and trying to get them in a good organized form. Will keep them in lg shoe boxes that I hope to decorate and keep out so they can be enjoyed by all.
Looking for inexpensive baskets to keep mail and magazines (Mary Jane Farm?) in as well.
Brenda has been very busy as she is in a moving mode these days. A place that will bring some added comfort (deck) and more privacy. She is doing a yard sale this week and totally is downsizing and getting simpler. But is is HARD as we all go thru our treasures to let go and start anew. But I think in the end it is all worth it.
I began repotting some herbs, veg and flower plants that I got at the farmers mkt. Little by little I will get the balcony the comfort zone I hope it to be!!
I am working at being more faithfull with my scripture and prayer time these days. Brenda and I are trying to finish up Beth Moore's 'Get Out Of That Pit' bible study. It has been a true blessing, this study. Helps you to learn to let go and move onward!!!
I have seen the Lord's hand in so many 'little details' recently. Too many to describe here. But enough for a great big smile as I remember how much stress my family and I allowed ourselves to spend time on..........and the Lord had it handled, as usual, all along.
I pray and hope for a blessed day for all. Whatever you may be going thru, whatever fears or stress that my be laying on your heart? Remember He is ALWAYS there!! Even if you do not feel some instant answer, He hears you and He is listening!!!
Welcome to all of you who stop by and visit us here. We appreciate the time that you took to say hello!
Blessings, Linda

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Farmers Market Day!

Good morning all!
Well it is a warm and sultry day here today. Hit the farmers market early before it got too crowded or warm! I got some 'treasures'. I will try to post a pic here tomorrow of my little stash!!
I am just learning the.....posting pics thing......with the help of my daughter and friends.
Well, today I will repot the herb plants, veggie plants and the annuals that I picked up today. Supporting local farmers is GREAT!! Plus, I got some great prices. Be sure and check out your local farmers mkts where you are. Got my herb and veggie starts, and the annuals for only $1.00 each. You will not find that price even at your Walmart, I bet!!! Also picked up some tomatoes and rhubarbs. Will pick up some strawberries and plan to make a couple jars of strawberry/rhubarb jam.
I will use the recipe shared by a blogger/farmgirl friend over on her blog. Check it out!
My goals over the next few days are to 'try' and organized my bedroom. A couple yrs ago, I made a major move from a rural house to a city apt. Downsizing is not an easy task, especially when some of your things are in storage far away! Yet, I am determined to make it work!
I saw a desk at Big Lots this AM that would for certain help with my craft stack!! The desk is basically 2 file cabinets with a desk top on it, TRULY. The desk top could be taken off. You buy them separately for close to $200.00 total! me thinking......for around $60.00? I could get file cabinets, and have them saw the right size of lumber at the 'man store', thats what my daughter calls them, he he he. Then get paint in a color that would work.......and voila.....I will have the same desk at a price that I can handle much better!!!! What do you all think? And by the way? Didin't we do these same things in the 60's and 70's??!!!! Now its 'cool' to buy them already made at a hefty price!! Go figure, LOL!!!
Well, I will go for now. Time to repot my treasures from the farmers mkt. Hang and place them on my balcony. I will enjoy my AM tea tomorrow while I look at my new plants and flowers and have my quiet time with the Lord! He is so good and faithful! No matter what you are going thru, just know He is there even on the days we may not feel His presence as we should. NOT because He has left us......but because we may have Him at arms length.
I know and understand those days all too well. Trials and days of stress are not fun at all. We seem to have many in this day and time.
Just remember to take time out and enjoy Him and His creations!!
God's Blessings,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Errand Day!!

Good Morning Ladies!
This morning I headed out early to run errands, grocery shop, etc. Got out early before the heat and crowds!
Got myself a decaf coffee and spent a few minutes, quietly with the Lord, at my fav park spot here. It is just a beautiful place with lakes and ducks and geese. I love to just sit by one of the little lakes and just have some quiet thinking time. What blessings the Lord has given us in His nature that He created. We get so busy, so often, these days. Take a few minutes when you can and go and enjoy some time at a fav quiet spot that you may enjoy.
Would love to hear what some of those spots are, ladies! Whether on your property, around or in your home or apt. Please share your stories!!
A hearty welcome to all who stop by and share a visit with us!
May God Bless your day!
Enjoy, Linda

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just checking in

Hi everyone, just checking in to see how everyone has been. Having some problems with posting here. So this is kind of a trial run.