Friday, January 28, 2011


I've been reading a fiction book about a lady that had lost her young daughter in a accident. I could go on and on to get to the point, but basically her life stopped. She became a friend to one of the new ones in town. He was much older than her and he was raising his little grand-daughter. They became very good friends and he seemed to see right into her heart. He asked her to close her eyes and imagine something she would die for~~~then go out and live for it! But it has to be living. That stopped me right away. He was trying to show her that she'd never forget her precious daughter, but she needs to let her go, she wouldn't want her mother living like this. The first thought I had was, I would die for the Lord. Than I thought my children and grandchildren. I thought it would have to be my grandchildren, because they are at the age that they need guidance and teaching of the Lord. Than it occurred to me that I had already made that choice to die for the Lord. He knows this and I feel he has me here to show others what a life with Christ is like and help them to make the chose as they feel is right for them. Even though I'm writing this right now, the question still stays in my mind. How would you answer this question if someone approached you for an answer?? I believe that he places things, people, occasions into our life to put our mind into motion. And with this one, he for sure has done that. As you go about your day, take the time to ponder this. It could be a very important question for us to delve into. Go forward and have a very blessed day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Letter to my High School Self

Linda and I belong to the Mary Jane's Farmgirl site. One of our farmgirl friends posted yesterday on her blog, "My letter to my High School self." I thought it very interesting! Boy oh Boy! if I had all the answers back then, it sure would have kept me out of some of the trials I've gone through. Than the thought came to me, would God want us to know how things were going to work out, or are the situations there to teach us and lead in the right direction. Because, believe me, I have learned a lot over the last 40 years since graduating high school. And at times wished I had known what was ahead of me. I think I'd start my letter to myself kind of like this:
Ok girl, you've grown up in the city and now your thinking of moving to a small town, stop and think this through. But I was in love and I would have followed him anywhere. Then I'd say to me, He wants you to be a stay at home mom and wife, which sounds wonderful. I than would tell me, that I should get some college behind me. Too late, I'm already walking down the isle. Then I'd say, your a very trusting one, but you have to pay attention to what others are saying and doing. And the most important thing I said to me, you believe and love the Lord, but that's not all you need to do spiritually. Well as I think back on these little conversations with myself, I realize that I have grown to be a strong person living in the country, a softer person, caring and doing for others. Stay at home/working mom, I think I did what was best for my children and myself and relationship with my husband. Everybody's life is different and many ladies work things out better in the working group, which I totally admire. Keeping a home and taking care of your family, is very tiring and hard work. But I feel blessed that I was able to be a stay at home mom. We may not have had all the Things, with a capital T, that we would have had if I had worked outside the home, but we had a happy home and the children was glad I was there after school. There are times when I thought I should have gone to college, and even do today. But I've been in the caring place most of my life. Raising my kids and helping with my grand-kids and taking care of my elderly parents. Had I gone on to get a degree, there would have been a lot I would have missed out on. As far as my trust of others, for many years it worked well for me and I had many happy times. But have learned that I must be aware of who, what, and where the situations goes. As far as my relationship with God, from the time when I was a teenager, I Believed, and Loved the Lord. All through my young adult life I thought I was right where I was suppose to be with Christ. When I was in my early 40's I went to a ladies retreat at church, for the weekend. When I came out of that study, I came out of there a different lady. I know longer only believed and loved the Lord, and knew about him, I KNEW HIM! Praise the Lord!!! Don't get me wrong, I still have little sit backs and have my struggles, but know that I can't do it alone. I need him walking beside me at all times. I believe he is, prays he is, and knows that he will guide me in the right directions. I've made many wrong decisions, and only with God am I getting through them. But looking back at that teenager, I don't think she made any really bad decisions. With God going along with them all, they worked out pretty good. And for that I thank the Lord. Maybe now, I'll write as a adult to the high school me!! Show her where she made, maybe not so good decisions and how proud of her I am, even with the little boo boos. Try this looking back and see what the Lord shows you about your past. But the most important thing is, We've made it here and we are who we are meant to be. And if we continue to walk with the teacher who loves us unconditional, I look forward to the years to come. Make this day a loving, caring and worship day to the Lord.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Morning!!

Well, I pray that everyone is doing ok with so many facing a pretty crazy winter this year!! I know that Brenda's area was hit pretty hard with snow and ice!! Please keep as safe as you all can!

I am still doing picture sorting, but resting a bt more today. Just taking it a bit easy and relaxing some. Reflecting on things that the Lord may be guiding me in and new things He may be teaching me.

I pray that each of you are resting in His peace! God bless your day!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Good morning all!

I have been sorting thru boxes and boxes of photos that came from my parents house, as my mom hasn't the space to store them anymore. WOW!!! SO many memories and then also looking at the very, very old pics of great-great and older? family members from way back in the 1800s.

I have smiled, laughed, and cried while looking at them. What an archive of family treasure!!

As I sort thru and catagorize? I think on the past and the memories that I have thru so many years. Some good, some not. Some very painful as you get reminded of the wrongs that may have been done to you.

My goal for today and hopefully for the days ahead? I want to 'catagorize' the memories in my mind. Remember with joy and fondness the good, joyful and precious times. Put into perspective the not so good ones. Try to prayerfully, 'Let go and Let God'. Put them into the hands of our Lord and let Him take them! I am not at all good at doing this, even tho I know that it is what He wants us to do always!!

Why do we usually focus more on the bad, the hurt, the pain longer and stronger than the positives in our lives? It only serves to keep us from LIVING our lives. Living our lives is a precious gift from the Lord. When we focus more on the 'bad', we only give power and control to those that that may have caused the pain to begin with!! Often times these people have passed away or are no longer a part of our lives at all!!

I do not say all of this lightly, as I am 'preaching to the choir' as the saying goes. I struggle daily to focus on the good, and trying to let go of the past stresses as well as whatever I might be daily facing! So, I assure you, I completely understand what many of you may have dealt with in the past, or face today. As I have shared with Brenda, I think I have experienced truly about everthing good and bad this world can offer. Whether my own mistakes or mistakes of friends and family, I have honestly 'been there, done that'. Nothing surprises, offends, or shocks me. At times I let that fact get me down too much? Just think, WHAT IF? Perhaps the Lord has allowed certain life lessons, and in my own self serving mistakes, He wants to use those to help others feel that they are not so alone? So often, in church, and with friends and family, we put on the happy face. So afraid of what others might think if we become truly honest and share our pain, but also our hopes to heal and become better women for the Lord??!!!! I pray that this may be a place for you to feel you can safely share the good and the bad, and let's all move forward, prayerfully, together! Grow and learn together! It is a process of good and bad days in this journey. Let's try to get more of the good days, days where no matter what, we can keep leaning on His strength and His grace! Oh, I thank Him sooo much for His grace and patience with me!!!

I pray that each of us can begin, starting this day, to TRULY lay our burdens down, our mistakes, our failures, at the foot of the cross. Begin, this day, to heal and move forward to the joys and the trust in Him that He wants to show us. He desires for us to be whole persons.

May He grant each of those out there that are hurting, to reach out and let Him take us on a healing journey.

Praying for each of you!!
Brenda and I are thankful for each of you that visit us here!



Thursday, January 13, 2011


Good Morning All!!

Well, Brenda and I are on a daily quest to find daily gratitude. We are doing the 30 day gratitude challenge thru:

We are trying to find the positive in our daily lives and circumstances, finding the 'glass half full', rather than 'half empty'. It is not easy? But, it is the way I think that the Lord would prefer we look at things? There are going to be tough days for certain. But, I think He wants us to be continually renewing our minds unto Him and what His plans are for us!!

Join us in this! Share your thought with us!

In case some of you are having trouble posting? We are looking into that and hope to get it resolved. Keep checking back with us ok?

My thoughts and prayers are with each of you and your day today!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Better Days!!!!

You know those times when you just feel soooo 'not worthy' and unable to get done all the things that you know He has called you to do? Well, I am so at this place lately. It is tough to get thru those feelings when you are in the midst of them!!

This morning I went to one of my favorite sites:

Todays lesson was on EXACTLY what I have been feeling. What a blessing the Lord gave me this AM on this site. Gave me a lot to think about and to strive for.

Does not mean that I suddenly got it together or that even I am instantly feeling better. Yet, it has given me a push and a hope that I can plow thru the morning and try to move forward in a more positive direction?!

Also, look into:

Both these sites will give you a blessing each morning!!

I pray that each of you have a good day today!

Love that you stop by. Please leave a comment and say hello. Both Brenda and I hope to hear your stories and learn from one another!!

God Bless,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Blessed New Year to All!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!
Hooray, got my computer back last night! My SIL, bless him, got it fixed for me!! It was having serious issues, LOL!
Well, it is a brand New Year! I gave up on resolutions a LONG time ago. Usually mess them up by the 1st week! But, Some 'goals' for this year are to grow in my faith and relationship with the Lord. Next in line, to begin to TRULY prioritize my life, and get the things done that matter,be with friends and grow those relationships of family and friends that matter. Also, to work on health issues and make them as better with life quality as I am able to. Tall orders, but in HIS strength we can get much done, if we look to Him for guidance and the strength and wisdon to carry it all thru!!

What are some of your goals? Please comment and share with us here. Lets all pray for one another in this New Year and see what good things may be in store for us as we learn lifes lessons.

Have a good day everyone!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's !!!!!

Can you believe it, it's 2011! Man I don't know where 2010 went. I look back and realize I didn't get much done. But the blessings that I have had are amazing. The first one comes as a meeting of the farmgirl henhouse, "Scattered Prairie Gals". Girls I want to thank you for your friendship, support and prayer's. To think that if I had never picked up that first Mary Jane's farm magazine, and got on line and joined in, my life would be much less full of new sister's. We had such a good time and several new girls have joined us, and looking forward to our next get together. Then of course all my grand-children. The oldest that is away to college, We only was able to see him a couple of times, but they were the bestest time. I watched as each time he was able to come home the growth into a young man I so love. I can still see the little guy, with a head full of curls. Then the one that is a Jr. in high school, he's just a unbelievable teenage boy! He keeps the grades up, like straight A's in advance classes. Plays Varsity Footfall and plays for a traveling baseball team. Has a p/t job, and says he knows where he's taking his life after college. Some say he has big dreams, but if anyone can do it will be him. I always told my children they can be and do anything they desire, and have past this on to the grand-children. There is so much negative given to children today, I feel that is one thing the Lord has given me, is a way to show them positive and how to work through the impossible to your dream. Then I have another grand-son that will be a sophomore and he is doing well in his studies and really into football and track. He believes he may make it to the Olympics with his gifts in track. There again a wonder dream! Then we have the 11 year old grand-daughter that already wants to be a pastry chef! We get to sample her creations! Then I have another grand-daughter who is a Jr. in high school, and 17???? She also is doing well in school, working a part time job and crazy about her boyfriend. Isn't that typical!! I just imagine by now that you know very well how much I love these children and are so proud of them, which leads to my son and daughter doing a good job that they were taught to do. But none of the blessings would I have if the Lord had not given them to me. This has been a rough year with hubby and I experiencing a year of unemployment. We have learned to live a lot differently. And can get down quite often. But when you look back and see what he has brought to our lives, no grumbles. God is good and knows what is good for us. In each down time, he's teaching something good. Everyone have a wonderful day and share your love of Christ with others. Will be back so0n. Brenda