Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Trying Times

Good morning to all,
Anyone have those trying days? Where try as you might life just 'gets in there'? The past couple weeks have been like that as Brenda and I have shared. I have a park near where I live, that has several ponds, small lakes. I hope to post pics soon!! Need to learn how to do that!!LOL! Anyway, lately, I go there and just sit in my car and enjoy the view, the sounds of nature, the quiet time with God. To smile, pray, cry if needed. If I get there early I can watch the sun rise up in the distance and shed a glossy shine on the water. The beauty of it all is just amazing!!For those few minutes, nothing else exsists except looking at His Glory!!
Now, I know that most of our days are filled with the 'busy' of todays world. There is just the daily things of life to deal with. For many there are extreme trials of life that you may keep to yourself in pain. I just want to encouage all of you, no matter how dark your struggles and circumstances are........PLEASE find just one thing that can give you a feeling of peace, if only for a moment of the day and cherish it.
Please know, that as Brenda and I will be sharing, we DO UNDERSTAND!!! We have and are going thru difficult times ourselves and some days it is truly a fight to hang in there, let alone find the 'good' in the day!!
Know that we are all the same, and can hopefully share and grow together. Tell us your stories.
Blessings for you day, Linda

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The birds are singing beautifully this morning. Sun is shining and surprisingly quite. When I look out my office window in the back of the house, all I see is trees. One of my favorite place to be in the morning with my cup of tea. For me its hard to get going in the morning, because I don't want to let go of all the blessings the Lord is showing me. Which is a GOOD thing, as Martha Stewart would say!! Just a little note, that's as close to Martha I will ever be, she would faint if she saw how I did things. But to get on through the day, I'd just rather get a good book, do bible study and chit chat with friends. THEN I see the little lady across the street from me, she's 99 and everyday she's up and going. She helps with the Historical Society, the clothes closet. She would never miss attending church and the social groups. Can't miss her card playing group!!! And Always has a smile on her face. The other day I saw her sitting out on her porch, and I stopped to see how she was doing. She told me she was lonely, she had nothing to do that day! So I just went up and sat down with her on her porch swing and we had a good visit. She's just full of stories. I really do enjoy her! When I got up to go home, she took my hand and told me she was so glad to have me over to visit. Bless her heart! What to me was nothing outstanding, to her, it brightened up her day. SO here I am, again the Lord showing me that I don't have to create a big impression, just a little touch and a smile can go on forever. He will always see the little things we do, and is very happy with us. So let us know what you have done today to make someone smile. It feels good and I'm still smiling being with her! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Just want to share picture of grand-children. They double dated for homecoming.


Just want to share my picture of grand-children. They double dated for homecoming. Spencer thought they were just going to stand there and smile. But Trisha surprised him and threw her leg up and he grabbed her so she wouldn't fall. You can see the look on his face that he was SURPRISED!


Good Morning to All!!!
May I share a couple of my favorite scriptures? They are ones I always rely on to hold me up even when I am down.
'ALL things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.........Romans 8:28
'For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you a hope and a future.....Jeremiah 29:11
If these are not already familiar to you, please take the time to look them up. They can be a beacon of light in our darker days.
I just spent the last several days in 'the dark'. With various health isssues and trials facing family members, I just 'caved' under the fear, hurt and uncertainity of things!! I am not proud of that. As a believer I know that I should be stronger, I should be leaning on the Lord more and questioning less!!?? However, we ALL have these times don't we? We live in a fallen world full of pain, hurt, confusion, and at times anger. Anger at life, ourselves, others around us, and if we are honest? Often times we direct our anger and hurt at the Lord!! That is how I spent this last week or so. I felt a deep despair. With prayers, and thanks to all who prayed with me, I began to find the 'Scattered Little Blessings'. Some, honestly were not so 'little'! However, when you are in that pit of depression, even the good is hard to find. Daily, with His strength and help, I do believe we can find our way out. It is often a little by little process, however, He will continue His work within us!! My family circumstances have not changed. How I CHOOSE to look at them is beginning to change. I do not know all the things that many of you are struggling with. It is my hope and prayer that, today, you lay it all at the feet of our Lord Jesus. That you be honest with Him in your prayers, allow Him to begin to work in your circumstances. Now, let me assure you, Brenda and I are Grannies yes! But we have our own life stories, our own histories, our own 'been there done that'. Whether it was ourselves, family, or friends that have experienced life to the fullest, lol, we probably understand whatever you may be going thru. We hope to be used of the Lord to be of help, a place where we can share, grow, and lift one another up and just get blessed by one another!! Blessings and prayers to You!! Linda

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Have you had days when you just couldn't get anything right. Well it seems like the last few days that's where I've been. Linda and I have talked and talked about a way that we could share our love of "God". With us both having physical limitations we came up with the idea that maybe with a blog we could share our thoughts and feelings. Now neither one of us know what were doing. haha But with the help from family members we have at least got one beginning. But there's just so much we want to do with it. We see all the beautiful ones that we visit and they are very attractive. But, last night I was trying to go to sleep and the thought came to me that if this is something the Lord is leading us to do, he will provide the information we "think" we need to have, when he "knows" we are ready for it. The pretty backgrounds and pictures add attention to the site, but it's the "words" that are important. As you can well see we have not even sent this out for other's to comment on. It's all just been testing. But then I think, well the post we left were from our heart and they should be shared. Why is it that you always think you have to make something Better before you show it to others???? So, am I alone in this struggle? If I just sit here and see the blessings he has already provided to us, why is it we hesitate?? He's provided us with other's that have shown us the way to the "LORD" and we both have the ability to type, able to sit for a while without to much discomfort. And the desire to search his word for his way through our journey. WHY is it we always think there has to be more.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gods Blessings

This morning while drinking my cup of tea, I thought this would be a good day to clean up and put away all my yarn deco and bring out the Fall. So I went around to the back first. I have a 7-8 ft. porch post that we had found in a garage sale. I painted it sage green and Tom put up 3 iron hangers for my plants. Memorial Day I had taken a beautiful hanging basket out to my daddy. He loved red, and this was red and white flowers. During our really hot-hot part of summer, I just couldn't keep enough water on it and I thought I had lost it. Today when I went back there, I thought I saw some color in my dead plant. Pulled all the dead part out and the planter was filled with red and white flowers. I felt daddy was smiling down at me. THE LORD IS GOOD! It made me think of the times that we are down and hurt, that God is always there to care and protect us, just like he did my little flower. What miracles have you seen in your life lately?? So often we are waiting for something big, the big kaboom! Many times it's the little things like my flower. Take a break and look around at all the beauty that the Lord has provided us everyday that we just expect it to be there. When I suggest to look, I'm meaning, really SEE what is there in front of you. Then you'll see God intends for us to be surrounded with beauty. He's handing it out to us everyday. Have a wonderful day and please take time to talk with God today. He loves it when you come to him in conversation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blessings to everyone! WELCOME to our new blog. We hope that it can be a place to share and strengthen one another thru the Lord. As Brenda has shared we will also have some fun giveaways once in awhile. So keep joining us!! Blessings for your day's. We are two moms and grandmas that the Lord brought together in friendship. We have experienced trials and joys in our lifetime. We do not have all of life's answers, by any means. We are a work in progress! But we hope that thru this blog we all can share our joys and sorrow as well as our fun and laughter!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blessed Sunday

It's going to be a wonderful day for everyone! You know the Lord doesn't want us to carry so many burdens in our hearts. With all we deal with every day it can become quit a weight on our shoulders. He wants us to have love and peace to guide us. And all the things we are in and all the things we just keep hanging on to because we think we just can't get rid of them. I think we know by now that they are not the important thing to make us feel happy. Have you noticed that when all the problems and hassels are getting you down and you just hand it over to the Lord and trust and believe that he's going to guide you where he wants you to be, that a peace comes over you and you know all things will work out. As we all well know, it may not be as we had PLANNED, but it works, out for the best, for all of us. It's such a blessing to wake up every morning, knowing that he already knows where and what we are to do today. The time we spend in Prayer with him, he will bring insight in to what path you need to take for that day. Go out today and praise the LORD! For he will bring you love, contentment and peace! Lord, help us to continue to pray for all that loss family and friend on 911. We can not let what happened that day fade away. And Lord, for all those reading this today, be with them and guide them through the journey you are taking them on. Thank you for this beautiful morning and the new change is season. It is such a blessing to see all the new miracles you put forth in front of us. I pray we all can take the time, to take all the beauty in. In our heavenly father's name, AMEN

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wonderful Saturday

Woke up this morning and first thing I saw was the beautiful sun shining in my window. The windows are open and I just love hearing the birds singing. The Lord is Good. Then I had a visit with Linda and of course we share our laughter!! Again the Lord is Good. When signing up on Mary Janes Farm, I never dreamed that I would make such a wonderful new friend. Now she just seems like she's part of my family. And can you believe we've not yet met in person. But that is coming real soon, and we both can hardly wait. My ten year old grand-daughter sent me a pic of herself trying on dresses that she is getting for a wedding she's to be in. When I saw it, tears just came to my eyes. She looked just like a princess.
We want them to experience life as they should, but boy it's hard to let them grow up. Linda and I are working on this blog thing. So far can only get the posting done. So until later, have a wonderful day!

Have Faith In The Lord!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to our new and first blog. Linda and I(Brenda) have working hard just trying to learn how to create a blog. Yes I know! Everyone says it's so easy. But we are just happy that we've gotten to this point. We are two granny's that live our life for the Lord and he has blessed us with 10 grandchildren. So our lives seem to be pretty much surrounded with little ones, and young adults. We want this to be a place that you will want to visit everyday and get some inspiration from all the little blessing's we have received, maybe a good receipe, or if we've been busy with crafting-we'd like to share that with you also. And of course our funny experience's with our familie's. And hope that you leave comments as we go. Well just trying this out and hoping soon well find out how to make this place (pretty!) See you tomorrow!