Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blessed Sunday

It's going to be a wonderful day for everyone! You know the Lord doesn't want us to carry so many burdens in our hearts. With all we deal with every day it can become quit a weight on our shoulders. He wants us to have love and peace to guide us. And all the things we are in and all the things we just keep hanging on to because we think we just can't get rid of them. I think we know by now that they are not the important thing to make us feel happy. Have you noticed that when all the problems and hassels are getting you down and you just hand it over to the Lord and trust and believe that he's going to guide you where he wants you to be, that a peace comes over you and you know all things will work out. As we all well know, it may not be as we had PLANNED, but it works, out for the best, for all of us. It's such a blessing to wake up every morning, knowing that he already knows where and what we are to do today. The time we spend in Prayer with him, he will bring insight in to what path you need to take for that day. Go out today and praise the LORD! For he will bring you love, contentment and peace! Lord, help us to continue to pray for all that loss family and friend on 911. We can not let what happened that day fade away. And Lord, for all those reading this today, be with them and guide them through the journey you are taking them on. Thank you for this beautiful morning and the new change is season. It is such a blessing to see all the new miracles you put forth in front of us. I pray we all can take the time, to take all the beauty in. In our heavenly father's name, AMEN

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