Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Trying Times

Good morning to all,
Anyone have those trying days? Where try as you might life just 'gets in there'? The past couple weeks have been like that as Brenda and I have shared. I have a park near where I live, that has several ponds, small lakes. I hope to post pics soon!! Need to learn how to do that!!LOL! Anyway, lately, I go there and just sit in my car and enjoy the view, the sounds of nature, the quiet time with God. To smile, pray, cry if needed. If I get there early I can watch the sun rise up in the distance and shed a glossy shine on the water. The beauty of it all is just amazing!!For those few minutes, nothing else exsists except looking at His Glory!!
Now, I know that most of our days are filled with the 'busy' of todays world. There is just the daily things of life to deal with. For many there are extreme trials of life that you may keep to yourself in pain. I just want to encouage all of you, no matter how dark your struggles and circumstances are........PLEASE find just one thing that can give you a feeling of peace, if only for a moment of the day and cherish it.
Please know, that as Brenda and I will be sharing, we DO UNDERSTAND!!! We have and are going thru difficult times ourselves and some days it is truly a fight to hang in there, let alone find the 'good' in the day!!
Know that we are all the same, and can hopefully share and grow together. Tell us your stories.
Blessings for you day, Linda

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  1. Look at you two sweet peas!!!!!!! How exciting! I am so excited to see you both having a blog. Now we can really stay in touch. Thank you Brenda for coming and signing up for the mag and cookie. It has been a very fun party for sure. Lots of ladies sitting on the bench! Tell Linda to come over!
    Hugs, Linda