Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yes, I am in Calif for awhile! It was in the upper 80s today. Clear blue skies! Spring is in the air here for certain! As I am dealing with some personal probs here, I am trying more than ever to lean on the Lord and rest in His wisdom. I am failing more than not, but I am trying. Our faith is a journey isn't it? A daily process of sometimes holding on for dear life, even when nothing seems to make sense. You ladies who stop by to visit are a joy! We love having you. May I ask for prayer for a couple families going thru some health crisis? Details do not matter, God knows. Just please pray that God continue to heal and lift them up. Thank you all! Blessings, Linda

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Days

Do you find that everyday there seems to be a list of "to do's". How do you check them off??? Just getting the energy or will to get started sometimes, actually more often than not. Why is it we put off things that when finished we can find some peace of mind? Is it fear, sadness, confusion from so many on the list, depression, or do you just question "Why" it won't help any! I have found that when I fall into one of those situations, I realize that I've not left anytime for the things that are important to me, things I enjoy, things that makes me a better person! When I allow myself time to think about it, my first thought goes to God and I realize that I have been saying when I get all the list finished, I'll set down with him and have a conversation about all of this. Well, if your any thing like I am, by the time I do get around to working on the list, I'm so tired that all I can think about is taking a nice bath and heading to bed. But I know that if I were to pick up my bible and get lost in my bible studies that I will come away feeling renewed. So I'm going to put up a challenge for myself to get up every morning, and first thing thank him for this new day. Then with my first cup of tea, he and I will have a deep discussion about the new day we will be traveling through together. I know I need his guidance, for in one single day we are overloaded with so many decisions to make. Sometimes I tend to take the easy way out when I know with a little more thought and work, I'd be doing what God really wants me to do. I have one great fault of letting the phone calls, text, appointments etc. get in the way of what I know is more important. So I would like to ask for prayer's that I will become more disciplined in my visits with God before my day begins. And if you are struggling with this as I am, prayers for all our readers that we can meet back here with a lighter heart. Lord, we desire to hear your word and direction, and we know that we need to set our priority's. Help us Lord that we can condition our life that our day starts always with you. We love you, and thank you for all the blessings you have shown us. Amen Let's go out and spread his words to others! Hugs,Brenda

Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi everyone, thought Spring was here, yet we had snow yesterday and possibly tomorrow. Linda and I are members of the Mary Janes Farm girl site. One of our farmgirl sisters, Casey, is a Yoga instructor. I was reading her post and I left a message that I struggle with fibromyalgia, and she reported back that she'd love to help me out. I've heard alot about the help of Yoga and since I can't get much exercise because of the pain, I told her I'd like to try this. She than said she'd like to share with all of us on the blog. Last week was a very painful week and I was so ready to just throw in the towel. As they say! But I ran across Casey site and I just felt the Lord was showing me something new to try. Bless her heart for saying she'd stop in and give us some pointers. So when you see her here, give her a warm Welcome. I'm praying that we all can pick up some ideas to help us all out. So be sure and check back in and leave a message for Casey, Bring it one girlfriend! Also before I sign off, I do pray that as we go about our busy days, That we will stop throughout the day and just see the blessings the Lord has provided for us. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs,Brenda

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Seasons

God's Blessings To All!!

Well, even tho, many of us are facing still some storms and cold weather, I just know that the warm days of spring are around the corner!!

As well as a new season, many of us have gone thru many different changes these past many months. Whether jobs, homes, empty nest, marriages, loss of loved ones etc. Life can defininately bring about some changes now . Sometimes we are prepared, sometimes we get hit with surprises that we did not expect or want.

The seasons of life often bring us to our knees and lean onto the Lord in ways we never thought we could!

Let's keep one another in prayer as we go about life and gather strength from one another and the Lord!

May God Bless your Days.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Well, today was cloudly with light drizzle on and off. Now the sun is breaking thru and it is nice!

It has been a very long winter for so many, some more than others...........I know we are all looking forward to spring.......a fresh start hopefully?

The Lord loves fresh starts I think.....He loves to love and accept us EXACTLY where we are at!

He wants us to come to Him with our joys, our sorrows and even (most especially) our hurts, fears, confusion and pain. He is waiting right here with outstretched arms to hold us!!

I am so very thankful for His grace, comfort and guidance in my life!

Hope everyone is having a blessed week!

Thank you for sharing with us! Welcome to our new followers! So happy to have you!

Blessings, Linda

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bit of a Tough Day?? Week?!!

Good Morning all!!

Oh the little birds are chirping out my window and the sun is in/out of the clouds. It is slightly cool outside.

I am determined to have as good a day as the good Lord allows me.

It has been a bit of a rough week. For any of you involved in any level of caregiving for an aging family member, you know how hard some weeks can be. This is one of those for my family and I............however, we will move forward as best we can and with all the prayers and guidance from Him we can receive!

May each of you have a good day!

Thank you for stopping by to visit, we so enjoy your thoughts that you take the time to share with us!

Blessings, Linda

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow our Followers Blogs!!

Ladies, when you get a chance, be sure and check out our followers who also have blogs. What a blessed way to share thoughts and God's blessings. I know Linda over at Prairie Flower Farm is having a Gooseberyy Patch giveaway! Enjoy!

Blessings, Linda

A Beautiful Spring-Like Day!!

Oh, what a beautiful day it is here in Kansas today! The sky is blue, the sun is shining and mid-6o's outside.......

I am soooo looking forward to spring.......want to plant some herbs in containers....maybe some strawberries.....vegs.....would love to try a dwarf fruit tree.

I have a balcony that I love and can do a few containers with things......So very happy weather is warming enough to enjoy a morning cup of tea or coffee on the balcony....

It is a time of early AM quiet for me to start the day...reflect on the Lord.....prayer for the days challenges ahead.

What do any of you like to do to just start or end the day to relax...Would love for you to share!!

Have a great evening everyone!!

Blessings, Linda