Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi everyone, thought Spring was here, yet we had snow yesterday and possibly tomorrow. Linda and I are members of the Mary Janes Farm girl site. One of our farmgirl sisters, Casey, is a Yoga instructor. I was reading her post and I left a message that I struggle with fibromyalgia, and she reported back that she'd love to help me out. I've heard alot about the help of Yoga and since I can't get much exercise because of the pain, I told her I'd like to try this. She than said she'd like to share with all of us on the blog. Last week was a very painful week and I was so ready to just throw in the towel. As they say! But I ran across Casey site and I just felt the Lord was showing me something new to try. Bless her heart for saying she'd stop in and give us some pointers. So when you see her here, give her a warm Welcome. I'm praying that we all can pick up some ideas to help us all out. So be sure and check back in and leave a message for Casey, Bring it one girlfriend! Also before I sign off, I do pray that as we go about our busy days, That we will stop throughout the day and just see the blessings the Lord has provided for us. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs,Brenda


  1. Hello! I am glad to be able to talk about yoga and how it is good for what ails ya!

    The thing about Fibro is the pain when you exercise. With yoga you can literally start with 5-10 minutes or less. You can start with the yoga breath (in slow out slow) and just a few stretching moves throughout the day (like forward bend and stretching up). after about two weeks, you can ramp up a little and try full routines. YOu will still have some pain. I have experienced this. Push through and after a few more weeks you will feel sooo much better.

    There are some great resources for at home practice. has several good beginning DVDs. I recommend AM & PM yoga. it is very gentle and not very long.

    I look forward to peoples questions! Thanks for having me Brenda!

  2. Thank you Casey! So glad to have you here with us. Going to start with the forward bend and stretching up. I feel that a the moment any sort of movement has got to help. If you read through the posts feel free to leave a comment. And again that you for coming over. Hugs,Brenda

  3. Casey, looking forward to learning from you!

    Thank you, Linda

  4. Hello Ladies! My sincere apologies for not being on lately. I have been way too busy at work. My hours have been increased, so I don't have as much time, but I am taking a break right now.

    So more yoga!

    Some helpful tips for forward bending: roll the shoulder blades down the back, and loosely cross your arms at your chest. This will help keep the back straight.

    Downward facing dog: it is NOT about having straight legs! It is about moving the heart back. bend your legs as much as you want, but be sure to keep the heart pressing back. Keep the head and neck relaxed.

    That is all I have time for today, will try to return in a few with a comprehensive short practice for you all!


    Casey - blackfell_farmgirl

  5. Hello Ladies!

    Here is a great morning routine. I do this or a variation of this practice nearly every morning. It goes great with morning Devotionals, if you do that. :) I sincerely hope this is helpful and please, please give me feedback. You can email me at :)

    Morning Yoga Rountine

    You can do this anywhere. It does not require a mat, but you may want a chair or a block if your hamstrings are not stretchy.

    Come to standing (Mountain Pose). Begin breathing slowly, inhaling fully, feeling the collar bones and heart lift. Exhale fully, pulling in the belly as you exhale. Let you exhales bring you peaces and calm and the inhales bring you energy. Take 5-10 long slow breaths centering yourself.

    Inhale your arms overhead, really stretch into it. Make the legs strong.
    Exhale down into Forward Bend. Keep the shoulder blades down the back, face relaxed, back straight. If you need a chair or block, please use them! ☺ Take one more breath here and let the exhale challenge you to get closer to the floor.
    Inhale slowly come up. Take a full breath. Bring your feet shoulder width apart
    On your next inhale bring your arms over head, lacing the fingers and turning the hands inside out. (If you cannot bring your hands together overhead, no worries! ☺ just bring them as far over head as you can)
    Exhale bend to the right
    Inhale center
    Exhale bend to the left
    Inhale center
    Exhale the hands back to mountain. Inhale here, feel the legs get strong, relax the face.
    Inhale the feet wide apart, feet both pointing forward. Exhale from the hips down. Keep the back straight, shoulder blades down the back, pull the belly in. Inhale part way, and exhale coming forward again. Do this slowwwly, keeping the breaths long. If you can only go a few inches, no worries! Challenge yourself in your exhales, but don’t push it! ☺
    Inhale come up slowly, take two full breaths if you need them. Exhale fully
    Inhale back to Mountain Pose. Exhale fully
    Inhale hand up over head one more time, really push and stretch, making the legs strong
    Exhale into your last Forward Bend. Roll the shoulder blades down, relax the face, and breath….. Take one more full breath hear, allow your exhales to bring you closer to the floor….
    Inhale slowly up all the way, hand back overhead. Exhale the hand together at the heart center, or Prayer pose. Take a deep cleansing breath, give thanks relax….

    Namaste! ☺