Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Days

Do you find that everyday there seems to be a list of "to do's". How do you check them off??? Just getting the energy or will to get started sometimes, actually more often than not. Why is it we put off things that when finished we can find some peace of mind? Is it fear, sadness, confusion from so many on the list, depression, or do you just question "Why" it won't help any! I have found that when I fall into one of those situations, I realize that I've not left anytime for the things that are important to me, things I enjoy, things that makes me a better person! When I allow myself time to think about it, my first thought goes to God and I realize that I have been saying when I get all the list finished, I'll set down with him and have a conversation about all of this. Well, if your any thing like I am, by the time I do get around to working on the list, I'm so tired that all I can think about is taking a nice bath and heading to bed. But I know that if I were to pick up my bible and get lost in my bible studies that I will come away feeling renewed. So I'm going to put up a challenge for myself to get up every morning, and first thing thank him for this new day. Then with my first cup of tea, he and I will have a deep discussion about the new day we will be traveling through together. I know I need his guidance, for in one single day we are overloaded with so many decisions to make. Sometimes I tend to take the easy way out when I know with a little more thought and work, I'd be doing what God really wants me to do. I have one great fault of letting the phone calls, text, appointments etc. get in the way of what I know is more important. So I would like to ask for prayer's that I will become more disciplined in my visits with God before my day begins. And if you are struggling with this as I am, prayers for all our readers that we can meet back here with a lighter heart. Lord, we desire to hear your word and direction, and we know that we need to set our priority's. Help us Lord that we can condition our life that our day starts always with you. We love you, and thank you for all the blessings you have shown us. Amen Let's go out and spread his words to others! Hugs,Brenda

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  1. Loved all you shared!! I am trying to daily make His Word a priority every AM.

    Blessings, Linda