Friday, October 29, 2010

What is your purpose?

The bible study Linda and I are doing right now is really deep in some places. Have you ever wandered what your purpose was, as God saw it??? I believe that there are many of us that feel that we just don't have anything we would think could be used for our God given purpose he has given us. Until I read this day's chapter, I pretty much felt that way. Don't get me wrong, I love people, just talking to them, helping them out. Have been a teacher in a Christian Pre-school, loved teaching children and also loved leading bible studies with adults. I felt that I was helping in some way, while learning along side of them,I was receiving back also. Math has always been my favorite subject. So working as a office manager for several construction companies, was very enjoyable. Met many people from all walks of life. And loved everyone of them, gave me a chance to see the different ways of life. I got to know them all personally and would sit with them many times and just let them talk about their families. But still thought I was never really giving what my purpose was. I once said, after our youngest grand-daughter, now a very active, and precious little(almost a big girl) girl of 10 was in Children's Mercy Hospital for over a week when she was maybe 2-3 weeks old. We almost lost her, and we call her our little angel! But I said, if I could do anything special it would be something in the baby ward. But yesterday, I had an eye opener. Forever, I have been so wrapped up in crafts, many kinds of art. And I felt for along time, that I wonder how I would use my talents to serve the Lord!! Finally I thought, I know that I physically couldn't sit all day rocking all those sweet babies. Just holding them and letting them know that they are loved and safe. But I do all sorts of sewing, knitting that I could make little blankets for a start, to keep them warm and comfortable. It may not be my arms holding them, but it would be made from my heart and hands. So I am going to start as soon as I get my supplies. Then I started thinking about all the ways my crafts could be used at my church. Making banner's, teaching the children, also would love to start a gift shop of many things that, when you walk in the door, you know that it is homemade and gifts that our Christian sister's and brother's would enjoy receiving. Never have I needed something to keep my mind racing on, but this one does feel RIGHT! Pray for me,please, that a smile from God could be seen by my sharing the talents and gifts the Lord has given me. And that the beautiful little babies will feel his love from their little blanket's And, if you are searching, know that my prayers are there for you also, that when he opens your eyes to what he has given you, that you will share it with other's. Have a wonderful and Blessed day! Hope to see you back again soon. Hugs, Brenda

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Can you feel that fall is in the air? The temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are falling!! As we begin to experience a season of yet change again? Let us focus on what goes on INSIDE of ourselves rather than outsied. Brenda and I had a long great talk today about the spiritual changes that we hope to begin, as we want to grow and change for the better, in Christ. It is often so hard to take a long hard look at ourselves and seek to change the things that are not really pleasing to the Lord, or ourselves. Join Brenda and I as we start a journey of working to change and become better at the things we could do differently, things to make us better as believers! Start to 'journal', put down the things you may want to change and keep track of your progress, thoughts. It is a great way to start!! As the evenings will become longer, colder, this is a great 'indoor' project. What do you think, ladies? Have a great afternoon!! Blessings, Linda

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gods Calling

Well yesterday I really thought the Lord was telling me what I should do. As you all know, I've been taking care of mom. She lives on her on, but really should not be. I run myself crazy going up to her house and then when I'm not there, worry about her. So I was looking for places that have more space that we could move her in with us. Found a really nice 3 bedroom and 2 full baths, one with a shower. Which she needs badly, the bathtub is just to hard getting her into. So discussed this with her and she thought it would work out good. Because she wants me around all the time. Tom and I agreed that this would be the best way to go. Then early this morning she calls me to say that she's not going to move. I just told her that would be ok. But I'm so confused by my thinking and feeling that was the Lords way of helping us both out. She would be there with us if she needed us, and I wouldn't be taking care of two places. I know there is a message in all of this for me. So will spend time in prayer to see where he leads me on this situation. How do you know what is the right thing to do??? It's all on me, because my brother doesn't offer any help. What do you think about knowing when God is leading or it's just what we think he wants? Praying that we all can be lead to do what God would do. Have a nice day, and look for the blessings that he has given you today!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today was a good day, was going to spend the day with my daughter, Patrice. She is one of those that always likes to have her Christmas shopping finished by the 1st of November. I use to be that way, but not anymore. We had a really fun day shopping and of course had to stop for a wonderful lunch. She is one very busy mommy and for us to get a day for just the two of us is a difficult task. So she just took the day off teaching and took off early this morning. After her two children were off for school. We arrived home about 5:00 and about 30 minutes later my very dear friend, Mary, called and said that she had fallen, could we please come up. She had alreay called the EMT and they soon arrived. They checked her over and said they thought she really needed to have some x-rays. So instead of them transporting her we just took her up to the hospital. Had her x-rays and soon found out she had fractured her shoulder. So off to bone dr. tomorrow. And for sure, she won't be back to work for a month to heal. You just don't know when things are going to happen to change your plans. We were blessed with a wonderful day and just as fast, it all changed and time was spent with a lot of concerns. As I sat there at the hospital I got to thinking how fast things can change, and thought about the times that we just take for granted that there will always be tomorow. Just wanted to remind everyone and myself, never put off telling those you love how important they are in your life. It only takes a few minutes to let them know how you feel. For tomorrow you may not have the chance. I know that this wasn't a life or death situation, but when I left her tonight, I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. And she will continue to be in my prayer's for a smooth recovery. If you would please pray for her also, I know she would appreciate them. I've seen the miracles come from prayers. And I'm a true believer in the works of prayer. Well must go for now, it's time to give myself some rest time, off tomorrow to care for mom with things around the house. And praying for a wonderful day ahead for all of us!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Good morning ladies! Well, thank you as some of you join Brenda and I as we learn this 'blogging adventure' that the Lord is guiding us on!! We are going to have a fun giveaway! A grab bag of crafting odds and ends to make you smile! Just become a follower, leave a comment!! We will draw the winner on Nov. 15th!!

Well, we are trying to learn how to post pics of our own, pics from the web, etc. What an adventure this is as we are 2 'grannies' who are learning on our own with the Lord's help how to do computer stuff!! LOL!! Pray for us!! We want this to be a welcoming blog, where we all can share and learn from one another!!

Well, yesterday I put up 2 jars of refrigerator pickles!! They are pretty good, but still curing. I will try to post a pic and share the recipe this weekend. Any of you have some fun, great recipes that you might share?

Brenda and I have been e-mailing this am about our never ending fears and doubts and how that becomes such a stumbling block in our walk with the Lord! Anyone else struggle with that?
How we are our own worst enemies!! Goodness!!

It is my hope and prayer that the Lord is with you and guiding you today!! He is our everything, even on the days we may be struggling and not feeling so strong. If we allow Him, that is when we WILL feel His presence the most!

God Bless your day! Linda


Linda and I have started reading and discussing the book "The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. We have both read it before, but with some of the different situation's that we are dealing with today, thought it would be a great help to reread. It was about where your commitment is today, and if we continue with that commitment where will you be in twenty years. It says, "Your commitments can develop you or they can destroy you, but either way, they will define you." The question came to mind, that to live and commit to the ways of the culture we live in, is really basically easy. But to walk with the Lord and commit all our thoughts, actions and works for him, takes a constant mind on "what would God do!" I realized to make God the commitment in my life I will have to except the new life he has given me. I would say that he is the core of my life, yet there are those times when I probably don't think or do as he would have me to. I need work on thoughts I may have of others and try to know that their behavior and words may hurt, but it's not my place to correct them. I just need to love them as a child of God, and he is the one that will touch their hearts. So see, even when we think we are doing so well and walking with him, there's still continued growth in living for him. Maybe sometimes he slips in a little change in our way of living so that we won't get so comfortable with where we are! What do you think? I try to live right for him, but there's still more I could do. What do you say, that today as we go about our daily activities, we stop and think "What would God do?" Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Ladies, for all of our new followers, how about a giveaway??? Become one of our blog followers and we will put you in for a drawing. More details to follow..........


Good afternoon,

Well, it has been awhile since I have been on to post as well. Brenda and I will be more faithful as we are learning the ends and out of this?!! We are learning how to post our pics and the pics found online that we like. I am HUGE on sunrises, sunsets and nature so I hope you enjoy the little slideshow that I added, accidently!! Still learning.......

Fall is in the air for sure out here. Leaves are turning and the air is cooling......PLEASE not too cool as yet tho. Just not ready for the freezing temps of winter.

As I feel the air change and see the trees change......I am reminded of how 'change' is not something that I do very well. I am a creature of that even a word? LOL!!
I love the fall, no matter where I am living. It is my favorite season. But as winter will be approaching I kind of grit my teeth to prepare! Oh sure, the snowfall IS lovely and peaceful....the freezing cold and wind is just NOT!! My 'ol' bones are never happy..LOL!

As I have moved from a sunny state to a 4 season state.......I have fought the sadness and confusion of changes that a move brings. The Lord led me to a study at my new church to help ease in the transition. We use a book titled 'After The Boxes Are Unpacked, moving on after moving in' by Susan Miller. Bless you my farmgirl sister Kathy, for sending me this book!! What a blessing this book has been. What a blessing the ladies in the study have been!!! Little did I know that months after receiving this book, the Lord would guide me into a bible study teaching the book!! Definately one of those 'Scattered Little Blessings'!!! If any of our blog followers are in this situation, look into this book on E-bay, Amazon, etc. It is an easy read, very helpful, and helps you to realize that we are not alone in some of the feelings we may have as ladies!! Also check out Great site!!

Hope to hear from any of you who are struggling, need a boost, or just want to share with us some moments of you time. May God bless your day! Blessings, Linda

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well it's been awhile since I've come to the blog. My mother is 86 and starting to have some serious health problems. Have had her in the hospital 3 times in the last couple of months. I knew that I was busy before, taking her everywhere she needed to be, helping around the house and taking care of her med's. But this time, it's really getting me down. She's had two falls and Tom and I have not been able to get her up on our own. We had to call the EMT's. I have one sibling and I'm trying not to complain. But it gets very irritating when he's not there to help out at all. He'll check in once in awhile and maybe go an see her every few months. And thinks he's done enough. But the good thing, is the Lord has blessed me with a loving husband and two wonderful grown children, and five grand-children that are there when I do need help. It could be very easy to go on a pitty party and feel sorry for myself. But what good would that do. And I'm sure that the Lord doesn't want me passing my time that way, when there is so much more GOOD that I could be doing. So the Lord and I stay in contact all the time now. There's nothing that I do or say to mom that I've not asked him for advice and guidance. I really believe that God doesn't make these situations where mom has gotten hurt and ill, but I do believe that he takes advantage at those times to teach and show us just how much we need him in our lives. On our own, our decision making, is not well thought through and we miss a lot of what he's lead us to do. So everyday I begin by thanking him for giving me the strength to do what needs done. And for all my family and dear friends that are there to support me. It's ok to ask for help!, which is one that I struggle with. But just that small time of away time and rest, surprisingly it is a huge gift that gets you back up and going. We have so many blessing right there in front of us if only we would open our eyes to see. The Lord is Good and he's with us at all times. If you have been a caregiver with an older family member or any age for that fact. Please share with us, so we can share our prayer's with you. Go forward and make this a day the Lord will smile upon us!