Saturday, October 16, 2010


Good morning ladies! Well, thank you as some of you join Brenda and I as we learn this 'blogging adventure' that the Lord is guiding us on!! We are going to have a fun giveaway! A grab bag of crafting odds and ends to make you smile! Just become a follower, leave a comment!! We will draw the winner on Nov. 15th!!

Well, we are trying to learn how to post pics of our own, pics from the web, etc. What an adventure this is as we are 2 'grannies' who are learning on our own with the Lord's help how to do computer stuff!! LOL!! Pray for us!! We want this to be a welcoming blog, where we all can share and learn from one another!!

Well, yesterday I put up 2 jars of refrigerator pickles!! They are pretty good, but still curing. I will try to post a pic and share the recipe this weekend. Any of you have some fun, great recipes that you might share?

Brenda and I have been e-mailing this am about our never ending fears and doubts and how that becomes such a stumbling block in our walk with the Lord! Anyone else struggle with that?
How we are our own worst enemies!! Goodness!!

It is my hope and prayer that the Lord is with you and guiding you today!! He is our everything, even on the days we may be struggling and not feeling so strong. If we allow Him, that is when we WILL feel His presence the most!

God Bless your day! Linda

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