Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hope that all of you ladies are doing well this morning!
Well, I had a fun and interesting day the other day!!. I went to a farm animal auction in Amish country here. When I figure out how to post pics better, I will post some here!!! Sigh!
I was able to meet a blogger/MJF farmgirl sister as well. That was an added treat to meet her and her family!! What a blessing they are!!!
I also met a new friend. We sat by one another during a lot of the auction. Will stay in touch via internet!
It is sooo amazing how much 'smaller' our world keeps getting thru the internet isn't it?
Kind of like a new version of pen pals!!
The weather was just beautiful as well. Warm at first, then a cool afternoon breeze. A WONDERFUL change after a week of some scary and damaging storms.
Keep us all in prayere ladies? Think that this may be a heavy storm summer for mid America!
This weekend starts the kick off of summer season. Any of you have special plans for the weekend? Hope everyone stays safe and blessed. Remember all those past and present who have sacrificed so much to serve!!
Have a good day!!
Blessings, Linda

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Good afternoon ladies,
My goodness it has been a stormy few days. Our hearts and prayers go out to those hard hit, especially in Reading, Ks and Joplin, Mo.
If you feel led, please help out. There are donations to Red Cross, etc. Those of us closer can drop off donated supplies to local stores and businesses. What a blessed country we live in, that no matter what we may be going thru we are ready to help our neighbors, both here and abroad!
Would like to share some sites that I go to and get blessed and refreshed. Perhaps have shared some before, so sorry, if I have., Biblegateway, Homesteading Today, Countryside small stock and journal, Revive our hearts. I know Brenda has many craft and fun sites she may want to share also.
Please know that we appreciate our followers, and those who may just swing by for a quick look and visit! Let us know how you are doing and what things you are doing. Gardens, crafts, etc?
Would love to hear about them!
May God Bless each of you and enjoy your day!
Blessings, Linda

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Good afternoon everyone!
It is a warm spring day here in Kansas today.
Enjoying a Bbq with family. Beer burgers, chips, all the trimmings. A nice breeze is coming in, thank you Lord, for the 'little blessings'.
Just want to share some sites that many of you may also find a blessing.,, Gooseberry Patch, Maryjane Farm, Prairieflower Farm.
Gathering up lists of more, plus trying to learn how to place favs on the site bar for you to see!
Love to hear what some of your favorite sites and blogs are!
Have a great day!
Blessings, Linda

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time for Reflection

A blessed evening greeting to all!
Brenda and I had a long overdue, much needed bible study and chat, tears and laughter over the phone today!!
Thank you dear friend for your never ending waves of support, kind words and reminders of that no matter what, God is still God and His strength will get us thru, no matter what we are trying to face.
I do not say that lightly. I promise that I have 'been there, done that'. Whatever you may be facing today, know that Brenda and I want to remember you in prayer for your strength as well.
Times in this world are hard, and at times we just want to give up!
I think that truly, in our weakness, HE IS STRONG!!
I have to begin a new chapter with this move of nearly 2 yrs ago. One might think that is enough time to adjust, and certainly stop the pity party!!!
As I closed out a lot of the physical parts of my former home, I have had time to think, reflect and I hope in time to move forward.
I LOVE the country. With soooo much farmland within a few miles away, one would think I am in heaven here. Does not feel like that, defineately still adjusting to 4 season weather, and city apt living.
However, this evening I want to try to focus on the blessings that I do have. Perhaps, prayerfully, each AM do the same in my quiet time with Him.
Any of you that are going thru any rough spots, we want to hear and be a support system for one another.
Thank you to all who stop by and visit wiith us. Our apologies to all for the length of time between blogs. Prayerfully hoping to improve on that! Hoping tomorrow to share some of our fav web spots and blogs.
May each of you have a good evening!
May God Bless and Strengthen Each of You!