Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good Morning, We have been blessed with a nice little shower this morning. But it has left us with very humid weather. But I'm sure it was very much appreciated by all my plants on the balcony. I set out for a short time just to feel the mist against my legs. But as I was sitting there thinking about the blessings the Lord has shown me, And reading a book that Linda and I are doing together as a study, I began to think about the many friendships I've had throughout my 1st half of my life. And now that I'm working on the second half, how different we react to friends. As we mature and our activities have changed, we react differently in our conversations and our exception of what others may say to us. It's like we agree now, to disagree and not to judge the difference. We find now that we have different friends that are involved in different parts of our lives. For example, I have a very dear friend Debbie, that is all into the scrapbooking and we love to scrap together and hit the big sales. Than, theirs all my farmgirl friends, we like to share recipes and craft ideas and all the going green ideas. Then there are the exercise and reading and shopping friends. And like Mary and her dear husband, has been my other half and I, pals in many hours of game time. But I realized that when God brought Linda and I together as friends through the Mary Jane Farmgirl site, he was bringing me a friend that we can share our love and faith in Christ together. We basically have a long distence friendship, only meeting each other in person, twice. Which was a real blessing. But we keep the phone lines, text and email busy. We are here to study the word and to be there to support when we have our doubts and fears. When we just don't understand why things are going the way they are and it seems that the Lord is just not there with us, we know that the other can be honest and open about the situation. Knowing that by their words they aren't trying to hurt us or make us feel worse, but to see it from a different angle and help us work through it. Always leading us back to the point, God has always been there, it was us that ventured off. So today I would like to thank him for all the wonderful ladies he has brought into my life. I know now as a adult, not to take these relationship for granted. They are very precious and valuable to who I am and who I become. And knowing they were brought into my life by God, what else could I ask for. So I pray that today, you will love and keep in touch with those special ones, that have been placed in your life. Have a good day, and so happy you stopped by.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Good Morning Ladies!

Hope that each of you are doing well and that God is teaching and showing all we 'allow' Him too.

I say that because He is showing me that very lesson, 'allowing Him'.

I had a rough day yesterday. A LOT of family issues and deep difficulties going on. Many people praying for and over us. Yet, at the end of the day, with about 5 VERY specific prayers being petitioned to the Lord on my families behalf?? It seemed only 1-2 were meant to be answered in the ways we hoped and prayed for!!!!!

I would really love to say that I, we, handled that well, graciously, and with praise. Some of my grown kiddos handled it much better than I, and are teaching and humbling their momma, LOL!

My heart just ached and ached yesterday as we awaited news from each other ,as the answers to each trial began to unfold. Each 'answer' from Him seemed to be a 'no, not now, no not the way you had hoped for, or a no'. To say I was confused and dissapointed is a bit of an understatement. My confusion quickly thruout the day went into feelings of despair and anger.

Each detail of the trials my family is going thru are of little importance. Some I have been sharing on/off thru the blog. It's life, each one of us in this world has to deal with things.

WHAT IS IMPORTANT................Whether I like it or not, whether I agree or not (and who on earth am I to question God's wisdom and authority, by the way), whether life makes me happy or not????? Bottom line, I am here on this earth, for however long, to serve God. My family and all it's members are here to serve God.

I am here FOR HIM AND HIM ALONE!!! He is not here to be my 'candy jar' Savior!! To grab 'my candy wishes of life' whenever I want them. Like it or not, confused by outcomes or not.............HE SEES THE WHOLE PICTURE...............of our lives, the beginning and the end. It is not a mystery to HIM!

More often than not, it is a mystery to us and we think we know what is best. Often what is best is what is 'safe' for our human minds to handle. We do not like to be out of our comfort zone or to have to completely trust HIS WISDOM , too much or too often!

Ladies, I still, today, do not have the answers, I am still a bit confused for sure. I am still a bit scared and uneasy to 'LET GO AND LET GOD'. As scripture teaches us, we are all a work in progress, clay being molded in His Image.

Sometimes that 'molding' process is hard, uncomfortable, and uneasy. I am not loving it too much honestly.

What I do know, for certainty, is that I love this Savior of mine, and yours, JESUS, who took all my lifetime of sin, lifetime of uncertainty, to that cross with Him, died then rose again. So that, in accepting Him, I may have forgiveness, and , eternal life with Him.

Because in spite of my bad days of discouragement like yesterday................He is still there and He loves me unconditionally. He still waits for me to have my tantrums, calm down again......and He is there to comfort so that I can try to move forward and accept HIS WILL, in preference to my own . I am so thankful for His Grace, His patience with me. I do not deserve it, yet I know He grants it to me.

Thank you to all who stop by and share with us. May God be holding you up thru whatever you might be dealing with. Prayers to all of you for your day!!

God's Blessings,


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you are having a good summer day. It has been HOT, HOT, HOT!

Thought we may share some green/energy efficient tips. Remember to keep windows and blinds closed during the hottest parts of these scorching summer days. It helps to keep the heat out and the a/c air inside, cooler! When not at home, set the thermostat at a higher temp to save energy and $$$$$$$ on the electric bill!!!

For cleaning, I had read somewhere to use coarse salt as a cleanser. Very eco friendly! Was out of cleanser once. So, I tried it and WOW it works like a charm. Even better than cleanser. It is great on bake and cookware as well without scratching. I have now used just about any salt I have on hand. Hardly buy cleansers anymore! And, we are not flushing even more chemicals down that drain! Give it a try!

Ladies, perhaps most of you have heard about Borders closing. My daughter has been a longtime employee. This is a hard time as now again some 11,000 people will be out of work. Hoping to find new jobs in an already tight job market.

We live in such troubling, discouraging times, don't we? I have to admit, this has been an extra rough week with a lot of fear, pain, and tears! I know the Lord is in control, admitedly some days better than others!!!!

Yet, despite all that is going on in our country, world, economy and our own financial situations.
We have just GOT to hold onto the Lord and HIS HOPE, not ours! Without it, we have nothing.

We are all confused, but HE IS NOT!!!

We will have very bumpy rides , OFTEN, in this life. We have to try to let go and trust, even tho
that is the hardest thing to do at times.

Praying for each of you! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share.



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Afternoon

When I sat down to send you all a message I thought it was still morning. So much going on and the time just passed by. I do hope that you all are having a nice summer. Here in Missouri, it's HOT!! It seems as though since the beginning of May to now things have just been crazy. For both of us, Linda and I and our families. We talk through all the craziness and think we've gotten through it all and along comes something else for the other family members. It's been unemployment, illness, taking care of elderly parents, teenage grandchildren, dealing with our own physical difficulties and everyday events. We were talking this morning about how would God react to all the hateful and rude people we run up against all the time out in the public areas. You want to put them in their place for some of the things they do that is so hurtful. And it makes you so angry that I usually turn around and leave yet carry the feelings deep inside. And you know what happens later if its not dealt with. Usually it comes out on someone else that it's not intended for. We discussed that God wouldn't quietly walk away. Of course he'd attempt at showing them the right way by example and a lasting lesson. What do you think, how would he handle this sort of person?? I don't mean to be a downer today, it's been a good one. But with the country in the mess it is right now, it's hard to keep up with the dreams and future plans. Yes, I know that a lot of our wants and dreams are not necessary, and will more than likely never occur. Really the only thing for sure~is that someday we will walk with the Lord in peace and wellness. So we need to hang on to that faith and let the Lord lead us where we can spread his goodness. I know that we are not the only ones struggling through a lot right now, and If you'd like to share with us, it helps to know others can truly understand. Of course you are all in our prayers at all times. But if there is something specific that you need extra prayer for, we are here for you. So go out and enjoy the life he's given us and make the best of it. Sending blessing to all, Brenda

Friday, July 8, 2011


I hope that each of you are doing well this AM. Prayers for your day!

Ladies, as I was just reading a fellow blogger's post? I am reminded how life can just be SO CHALLENGING! Do you have days like that? I think that we all do.

Whether we get ourselves into a pit, or got there by accident (Thank you Beth Moore! Check into her book 'Get Out of That Pit'. A great book with a lot to think on). Anyway, life just throws its curves.

The Lord has been stretching myself, family , and many friends this summer season. Oh goodness, many others are going thru much worse, much more painful times to be certain. Yet, as the Lord guides, teaches and stretches, it can BE PAINFUL!!

Often times I am going into the stretch............... kicking and screaming! LOL!

My daily devotions by church email are on Hannah giving her son to the Lord. Each day I am , blessed by this teaching. Would any of us today be able to give God that step of faith? To totally let go not just spiritually, but physically of a child we so longed to have?

Yet, I think even today, in our own lives He asks us to do just that. With not just our kids but our families, friends, our situations.

Ladies, HE WANTS IT ALL!!!!!!

I find that to be scary sometimes, as I want to be the one in control??? Yet, goodness, my control is one wreck after another!!

Today, lets join one another and pray that we can 'SURRENDER' more of our lives to HIM.
'Let go and let God'. It is often a very 'out of our comfort' zone thing He asks of us.

Yet, as a dear friend, years ago, once reminded me? To be within His will, doing what He wants of us and desires for us? That is a far safer place to be than anything else is!! Ladies, this was a woman who spent most of her adult life paralized in a wheelchair. A situation that most of us would be hard pressed to find the blessings within. I hope to share more about her in another post.

Enjoy your day. Would love to hear your thoughts and how the Lord is working in your lives.

Bless each of you who stop by.

Blessings, Linda

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Good morning everyone!

Hope each of you are starting out with a good am?!

Looks like we will be having some stormy weather here today. Our farmers can use the rain so much tho!! Praise God!

Well, I finally got myself a desk. I LOVE IT!! It sure looked smaller in the peoples garage tho, LOL!! Will try to get a pic posted once I get it set up. It is a 9 drawer desk that is a rolltop and lots of cubbie holes. Great for stashing all those little craft items!! Any ideas that you may have for putting things in those cubbie holes, I am listening, he he he!!

Hope to make an eggplant parmesan for dinner tonight.

Here is my fav recipe:

1 very large or 2 med eggplants, sliced about 1/2 inch thick ( remove outer skin if desired)
1-2 cups spaghetti sauce ( I use organic Bertolli)
1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
1 1/2 cups mozzarella shredded cheese
1/2 cup parmesan cheese

Dip slices in 1 well beaten egg, then dip into bread crumbs.
Saute slices in olive oil unti golden

layer slices in a baking dish. Place sauce over them, followed by some cheese. Continue to stack layers, usually 2-3 layers. Sprinkle the parmesan over the top layer. Bake, covered with foil at 350 degrees for about 3o minutes. Bake uncovered an additional 5-10 minutes.

Serve with salad and bread if you like. Enjoy!!!

Well, ladies, I hope things are going well with everyone? If not, and I can assure you, this summer is proving to be a VERY difficult one within my family. There have been health probs, family issues, death, legal difficulties, etc, etc, etc. There have been mornings when I just do not know what to do or how to think. Very challenging indeed.

I DO KNOW, that even tho what may lie ahead is scary and uncertain? I am so thankful to know that the Lord is there with me and my family and friends every step of the way. I honestly do not know how anyone hangs in there without HIM!!

I am holding onto life each day with Romans 8:28. One of my favorite scriptures.
'All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose"

So thankful to each of you who stop by to visit. We would love to hear your thoughts, prayer requests and comments.

May our Lord bless and guide your day!

Blessings, Linda

Monday, July 4, 2011


Good afternoon all!!

Hope that all of you are enjoying your day, no matter where or what you are doing.

Brenda is enjoying a Bbq and fireworks with family.

I am enjoying a quiet day at home and will enjoy fireworks from my balcony later!

One of my daughters and her kids are Bbqing with a friend and her son, then going to the river for fireworks.

My other daughter is caring and watching my mom, who is recouperating from surgery. Any of you in a care giving role for parent or family member may know how tough this can be. My mom has some mental difficulties and is not the easiest person under even the best of circumstances. Would greatly appreciate your prayers!!

Today, may we remember and be so thankful for our nation. Which, despite our difficulties and differences?..........we are still a blessed nation with freedoms most cannot even fathom.

May God Bless us and our great land!

A Blessed 4th to you all!!


Friday, July 1, 2011


er truckHi Ladies,

Boy is summer coming in here with a vengence! It is in the 100's and HUMID!!

My little container garden is loving it though and doing well.

I have found myself a desk, hooray! Already picked up the drawers, getting the 'desk' part tomorrow. Needed to have my daughter go tomorrow with her truck. Patience, or non patience, lol, pays off. I found a beautiful roll top desk with 9 drawers various cubby holes at back of desk and on top! It is beautiful and will work so well for my craft supplies and such! YEA! I can finally get some things out of boxes at last.

With help of grandkids, I have rearranged my small bedroom. But, I love how it turned out and I am feeling very cozy and at home in it. Little by little I am adjusting better to this move after 2 yrs!! Has anyone ever done a huge major move out of state or even the country? Would love to hear your stories and how you adjusted.

I hope all of you are doing well and that life is treating each of you with God's grace and kindness

Please let us know what we can pray for you in your life.

As life does throw us curves for certain, no matter how strong of faith we may be.

My daughter and I were in my other daughter's nice air conditioned van when........boom.....break down!! The power stearing is now shot and the van will be parked for awhile. As we all waited for the tow truck.....we laughed and giggled at what a BAD week, month, year? it had been. Laugh or cry or both right.........?????

But, thank you Lord, if it had to breakdown, it did so at a spot where we could pull into a parking lot by a huge tree that gave shade while we waited. Thanking Him for the small little blessings and the big ones for sure!!!

Hope each of you can take the time to just rest and reflect in Him each day!!

Welcome to all who stop by.

Blessings, Linda