Friday, July 22, 2011


Good Morning Ladies!

Hope that each of you are doing well and that God is teaching and showing all we 'allow' Him too.

I say that because He is showing me that very lesson, 'allowing Him'.

I had a rough day yesterday. A LOT of family issues and deep difficulties going on. Many people praying for and over us. Yet, at the end of the day, with about 5 VERY specific prayers being petitioned to the Lord on my families behalf?? It seemed only 1-2 were meant to be answered in the ways we hoped and prayed for!!!!!

I would really love to say that I, we, handled that well, graciously, and with praise. Some of my grown kiddos handled it much better than I, and are teaching and humbling their momma, LOL!

My heart just ached and ached yesterday as we awaited news from each other ,as the answers to each trial began to unfold. Each 'answer' from Him seemed to be a 'no, not now, no not the way you had hoped for, or a no'. To say I was confused and dissapointed is a bit of an understatement. My confusion quickly thruout the day went into feelings of despair and anger.

Each detail of the trials my family is going thru are of little importance. Some I have been sharing on/off thru the blog. It's life, each one of us in this world has to deal with things.

WHAT IS IMPORTANT................Whether I like it or not, whether I agree or not (and who on earth am I to question God's wisdom and authority, by the way), whether life makes me happy or not????? Bottom line, I am here on this earth, for however long, to serve God. My family and all it's members are here to serve God.

I am here FOR HIM AND HIM ALONE!!! He is not here to be my 'candy jar' Savior!! To grab 'my candy wishes of life' whenever I want them. Like it or not, confused by outcomes or not.............HE SEES THE WHOLE PICTURE...............of our lives, the beginning and the end. It is not a mystery to HIM!

More often than not, it is a mystery to us and we think we know what is best. Often what is best is what is 'safe' for our human minds to handle. We do not like to be out of our comfort zone or to have to completely trust HIS WISDOM , too much or too often!

Ladies, I still, today, do not have the answers, I am still a bit confused for sure. I am still a bit scared and uneasy to 'LET GO AND LET GOD'. As scripture teaches us, we are all a work in progress, clay being molded in His Image.

Sometimes that 'molding' process is hard, uncomfortable, and uneasy. I am not loving it too much honestly.

What I do know, for certainty, is that I love this Savior of mine, and yours, JESUS, who took all my lifetime of sin, lifetime of uncertainty, to that cross with Him, died then rose again. So that, in accepting Him, I may have forgiveness, and , eternal life with Him.

Because in spite of my bad days of discouragement like yesterday................He is still there and He loves me unconditionally. He still waits for me to have my tantrums, calm down again......and He is there to comfort so that I can try to move forward and accept HIS WILL, in preference to my own . I am so thankful for His Grace, His patience with me. I do not deserve it, yet I know He grants it to me.

Thank you to all who stop by and share with us. May God be holding you up thru whatever you might be dealing with. Prayers to all of you for your day!!

God's Blessings,


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