Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Afternoon

When I sat down to send you all a message I thought it was still morning. So much going on and the time just passed by. I do hope that you all are having a nice summer. Here in Missouri, it's HOT!! It seems as though since the beginning of May to now things have just been crazy. For both of us, Linda and I and our families. We talk through all the craziness and think we've gotten through it all and along comes something else for the other family members. It's been unemployment, illness, taking care of elderly parents, teenage grandchildren, dealing with our own physical difficulties and everyday events. We were talking this morning about how would God react to all the hateful and rude people we run up against all the time out in the public areas. You want to put them in their place for some of the things they do that is so hurtful. And it makes you so angry that I usually turn around and leave yet carry the feelings deep inside. And you know what happens later if its not dealt with. Usually it comes out on someone else that it's not intended for. We discussed that God wouldn't quietly walk away. Of course he'd attempt at showing them the right way by example and a lasting lesson. What do you think, how would he handle this sort of person?? I don't mean to be a downer today, it's been a good one. But with the country in the mess it is right now, it's hard to keep up with the dreams and future plans. Yes, I know that a lot of our wants and dreams are not necessary, and will more than likely never occur. Really the only thing for sure~is that someday we will walk with the Lord in peace and wellness. So we need to hang on to that faith and let the Lord lead us where we can spread his goodness. I know that we are not the only ones struggling through a lot right now, and If you'd like to share with us, it helps to know others can truly understand. Of course you are all in our prayers at all times. But if there is something specific that you need extra prayer for, we are here for you. So go out and enjoy the life he's given us and make the best of it. Sending blessing to all, Brenda

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