Monday, July 4, 2011


Good afternoon all!!

Hope that all of you are enjoying your day, no matter where or what you are doing.

Brenda is enjoying a Bbq and fireworks with family.

I am enjoying a quiet day at home and will enjoy fireworks from my balcony later!

One of my daughters and her kids are Bbqing with a friend and her son, then going to the river for fireworks.

My other daughter is caring and watching my mom, who is recouperating from surgery. Any of you in a care giving role for parent or family member may know how tough this can be. My mom has some mental difficulties and is not the easiest person under even the best of circumstances. Would greatly appreciate your prayers!!

Today, may we remember and be so thankful for our nation. Which, despite our difficulties and differences?..........we are still a blessed nation with freedoms most cannot even fathom.

May God Bless us and our great land!

A Blessed 4th to you all!!


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