Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good Morning, We have been blessed with a nice little shower this morning. But it has left us with very humid weather. But I'm sure it was very much appreciated by all my plants on the balcony. I set out for a short time just to feel the mist against my legs. But as I was sitting there thinking about the blessings the Lord has shown me, And reading a book that Linda and I are doing together as a study, I began to think about the many friendships I've had throughout my 1st half of my life. And now that I'm working on the second half, how different we react to friends. As we mature and our activities have changed, we react differently in our conversations and our exception of what others may say to us. It's like we agree now, to disagree and not to judge the difference. We find now that we have different friends that are involved in different parts of our lives. For example, I have a very dear friend Debbie, that is all into the scrapbooking and we love to scrap together and hit the big sales. Than, theirs all my farmgirl friends, we like to share recipes and craft ideas and all the going green ideas. Then there are the exercise and reading and shopping friends. And like Mary and her dear husband, has been my other half and I, pals in many hours of game time. But I realized that when God brought Linda and I together as friends through the Mary Jane Farmgirl site, he was bringing me a friend that we can share our love and faith in Christ together. We basically have a long distence friendship, only meeting each other in person, twice. Which was a real blessing. But we keep the phone lines, text and email busy. We are here to study the word and to be there to support when we have our doubts and fears. When we just don't understand why things are going the way they are and it seems that the Lord is just not there with us, we know that the other can be honest and open about the situation. Knowing that by their words they aren't trying to hurt us or make us feel worse, but to see it from a different angle and help us work through it. Always leading us back to the point, God has always been there, it was us that ventured off. So today I would like to thank him for all the wonderful ladies he has brought into my life. I know now as a adult, not to take these relationship for granted. They are very precious and valuable to who I am and who I become. And knowing they were brought into my life by God, what else could I ask for. So I pray that today, you will love and keep in touch with those special ones, that have been placed in your life. Have a good day, and so happy you stopped by.

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