Friday, July 8, 2011


I hope that each of you are doing well this AM. Prayers for your day!

Ladies, as I was just reading a fellow blogger's post? I am reminded how life can just be SO CHALLENGING! Do you have days like that? I think that we all do.

Whether we get ourselves into a pit, or got there by accident (Thank you Beth Moore! Check into her book 'Get Out of That Pit'. A great book with a lot to think on). Anyway, life just throws its curves.

The Lord has been stretching myself, family , and many friends this summer season. Oh goodness, many others are going thru much worse, much more painful times to be certain. Yet, as the Lord guides, teaches and stretches, it can BE PAINFUL!!

Often times I am going into the stretch............... kicking and screaming! LOL!

My daily devotions by church email are on Hannah giving her son to the Lord. Each day I am , blessed by this teaching. Would any of us today be able to give God that step of faith? To totally let go not just spiritually, but physically of a child we so longed to have?

Yet, I think even today, in our own lives He asks us to do just that. With not just our kids but our families, friends, our situations.

Ladies, HE WANTS IT ALL!!!!!!

I find that to be scary sometimes, as I want to be the one in control??? Yet, goodness, my control is one wreck after another!!

Today, lets join one another and pray that we can 'SURRENDER' more of our lives to HIM.
'Let go and let God'. It is often a very 'out of our comfort' zone thing He asks of us.

Yet, as a dear friend, years ago, once reminded me? To be within His will, doing what He wants of us and desires for us? That is a far safer place to be than anything else is!! Ladies, this was a woman who spent most of her adult life paralized in a wheelchair. A situation that most of us would be hard pressed to find the blessings within. I hope to share more about her in another post.

Enjoy your day. Would love to hear your thoughts and how the Lord is working in your lives.

Bless each of you who stop by.

Blessings, Linda

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