Saturday, October 16, 2010


Linda and I have started reading and discussing the book "The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. We have both read it before, but with some of the different situation's that we are dealing with today, thought it would be a great help to reread. It was about where your commitment is today, and if we continue with that commitment where will you be in twenty years. It says, "Your commitments can develop you or they can destroy you, but either way, they will define you." The question came to mind, that to live and commit to the ways of the culture we live in, is really basically easy. But to walk with the Lord and commit all our thoughts, actions and works for him, takes a constant mind on "what would God do!" I realized to make God the commitment in my life I will have to except the new life he has given me. I would say that he is the core of my life, yet there are those times when I probably don't think or do as he would have me to. I need work on thoughts I may have of others and try to know that their behavior and words may hurt, but it's not my place to correct them. I just need to love them as a child of God, and he is the one that will touch their hearts. So see, even when we think we are doing so well and walking with him, there's still continued growth in living for him. Maybe sometimes he slips in a little change in our way of living so that we won't get so comfortable with where we are! What do you think? I try to live right for him, but there's still more I could do. What do you say, that today as we go about our daily activities, we stop and think "What would God do?" Have a blessed day!


  1. Brenda, that was awesome and sooo right on for where I am, as well as you! I loved what you said about having to accept the lives we have now. Yikes!! I am really having a tough time with accepting my 'new normal'. LOL!! But, how can we be our best and allow Him to work until we do??!!

  2. Well Linda so far what I was doing, planning my own journey hasn't worked out so well. And I know that living for the Lord, he will show me where I need to be. So lets just keep on this track in the journey and I think we may see many miracles in our future. Praying girlfriend!