Friday, October 29, 2010

What is your purpose?

The bible study Linda and I are doing right now is really deep in some places. Have you ever wandered what your purpose was, as God saw it??? I believe that there are many of us that feel that we just don't have anything we would think could be used for our God given purpose he has given us. Until I read this day's chapter, I pretty much felt that way. Don't get me wrong, I love people, just talking to them, helping them out. Have been a teacher in a Christian Pre-school, loved teaching children and also loved leading bible studies with adults. I felt that I was helping in some way, while learning along side of them,I was receiving back also. Math has always been my favorite subject. So working as a office manager for several construction companies, was very enjoyable. Met many people from all walks of life. And loved everyone of them, gave me a chance to see the different ways of life. I got to know them all personally and would sit with them many times and just let them talk about their families. But still thought I was never really giving what my purpose was. I once said, after our youngest grand-daughter, now a very active, and precious little(almost a big girl) girl of 10 was in Children's Mercy Hospital for over a week when she was maybe 2-3 weeks old. We almost lost her, and we call her our little angel! But I said, if I could do anything special it would be something in the baby ward. But yesterday, I had an eye opener. Forever, I have been so wrapped up in crafts, many kinds of art. And I felt for along time, that I wonder how I would use my talents to serve the Lord!! Finally I thought, I know that I physically couldn't sit all day rocking all those sweet babies. Just holding them and letting them know that they are loved and safe. But I do all sorts of sewing, knitting that I could make little blankets for a start, to keep them warm and comfortable. It may not be my arms holding them, but it would be made from my heart and hands. So I am going to start as soon as I get my supplies. Then I started thinking about all the ways my crafts could be used at my church. Making banner's, teaching the children, also would love to start a gift shop of many things that, when you walk in the door, you know that it is homemade and gifts that our Christian sister's and brother's would enjoy receiving. Never have I needed something to keep my mind racing on, but this one does feel RIGHT! Pray for me,please, that a smile from God could be seen by my sharing the talents and gifts the Lord has given me. And that the beautiful little babies will feel his love from their little blanket's And, if you are searching, know that my prayers are there for you also, that when he opens your eyes to what he has given you, that you will share it with other's. Have a wonderful and Blessed day! Hope to see you back again soon. Hugs, Brenda

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