Thursday, October 14, 2010


Good afternoon,

Well, it has been awhile since I have been on to post as well. Brenda and I will be more faithful as we are learning the ends and out of this?!! We are learning how to post our pics and the pics found online that we like. I am HUGE on sunrises, sunsets and nature so I hope you enjoy the little slideshow that I added, accidently!! Still learning.......

Fall is in the air for sure out here. Leaves are turning and the air is cooling......PLEASE not too cool as yet tho. Just not ready for the freezing temps of winter.

As I feel the air change and see the trees change......I am reminded of how 'change' is not something that I do very well. I am a creature of that even a word? LOL!!
I love the fall, no matter where I am living. It is my favorite season. But as winter will be approaching I kind of grit my teeth to prepare! Oh sure, the snowfall IS lovely and peaceful....the freezing cold and wind is just NOT!! My 'ol' bones are never happy..LOL!

As I have moved from a sunny state to a 4 season state.......I have fought the sadness and confusion of changes that a move brings. The Lord led me to a study at my new church to help ease in the transition. We use a book titled 'After The Boxes Are Unpacked, moving on after moving in' by Susan Miller. Bless you my farmgirl sister Kathy, for sending me this book!! What a blessing this book has been. What a blessing the ladies in the study have been!!! Little did I know that months after receiving this book, the Lord would guide me into a bible study teaching the book!! Definately one of those 'Scattered Little Blessings'!!! If any of our blog followers are in this situation, look into this book on E-bay, Amazon, etc. It is an easy read, very helpful, and helps you to realize that we are not alone in some of the feelings we may have as ladies!! Also check out Great site!!

Hope to hear from any of you who are struggling, need a boost, or just want to share with us some moments of you time. May God bless your day! Blessings, Linda

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