Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gods Blessings

This morning while drinking my cup of tea, I thought this would be a good day to clean up and put away all my yarn deco and bring out the Fall. So I went around to the back first. I have a 7-8 ft. porch post that we had found in a garage sale. I painted it sage green and Tom put up 3 iron hangers for my plants. Memorial Day I had taken a beautiful hanging basket out to my daddy. He loved red, and this was red and white flowers. During our really hot-hot part of summer, I just couldn't keep enough water on it and I thought I had lost it. Today when I went back there, I thought I saw some color in my dead plant. Pulled all the dead part out and the planter was filled with red and white flowers. I felt daddy was smiling down at me. THE LORD IS GOOD! It made me think of the times that we are down and hurt, that God is always there to care and protect us, just like he did my little flower. What miracles have you seen in your life lately?? So often we are waiting for something big, the big kaboom! Many times it's the little things like my flower. Take a break and look around at all the beauty that the Lord has provided us everyday that we just expect it to be there. When I suggest to look, I'm meaning, really SEE what is there in front of you. Then you'll see God intends for us to be surrounded with beauty. He's handing it out to us everyday. Have a wonderful day and please take time to talk with God today. He loves it when you come to him in conversation.

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