Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wonderful Saturday

Woke up this morning and first thing I saw was the beautiful sun shining in my window. The windows are open and I just love hearing the birds singing. The Lord is Good. Then I had a visit with Linda and of course we share our laughter!! Again the Lord is Good. When signing up on Mary Janes Farm, I never dreamed that I would make such a wonderful new friend. Now she just seems like she's part of my family. And can you believe we've not yet met in person. But that is coming real soon, and we both can hardly wait. My ten year old grand-daughter sent me a pic of herself trying on dresses that she is getting for a wedding she's to be in. When I saw it, tears just came to my eyes. She looked just like a princess.
We want them to experience life as they should, but boy it's hard to let them grow up. Linda and I are working on this blog thing. So far can only get the posting done. So until later, have a wonderful day!

Have Faith In The Lord!!

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