Thursday, September 16, 2010


Have you had days when you just couldn't get anything right. Well it seems like the last few days that's where I've been. Linda and I have talked and talked about a way that we could share our love of "God". With us both having physical limitations we came up with the idea that maybe with a blog we could share our thoughts and feelings. Now neither one of us know what were doing. haha But with the help from family members we have at least got one beginning. But there's just so much we want to do with it. We see all the beautiful ones that we visit and they are very attractive. But, last night I was trying to go to sleep and the thought came to me that if this is something the Lord is leading us to do, he will provide the information we "think" we need to have, when he "knows" we are ready for it. The pretty backgrounds and pictures add attention to the site, but it's the "words" that are important. As you can well see we have not even sent this out for other's to comment on. It's all just been testing. But then I think, well the post we left were from our heart and they should be shared. Why is it that you always think you have to make something Better before you show it to others???? So, am I alone in this struggle? If I just sit here and see the blessings he has already provided to us, why is it we hesitate?? He's provided us with other's that have shown us the way to the "LORD" and we both have the ability to type, able to sit for a while without to much discomfort. And the desire to search his word for his way through our journey. WHY is it we always think there has to be more.

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  1. We will get all the tech stuff learned!!! Blessings, Linda