Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Blessed New Year to All!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!
Hooray, got my computer back last night! My SIL, bless him, got it fixed for me!! It was having serious issues, LOL!
Well, it is a brand New Year! I gave up on resolutions a LONG time ago. Usually mess them up by the 1st week! But, Some 'goals' for this year are to grow in my faith and relationship with the Lord. Next in line, to begin to TRULY prioritize my life, and get the things done that matter,be with friends and grow those relationships of family and friends that matter. Also, to work on health issues and make them as better with life quality as I am able to. Tall orders, but in HIS strength we can get much done, if we look to Him for guidance and the strength and wisdon to carry it all thru!!

What are some of your goals? Please comment and share with us here. Lets all pray for one another in this New Year and see what good things may be in store for us as we learn lifes lessons.

Have a good day everyone!


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