Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Good morning all!

I have been sorting thru boxes and boxes of photos that came from my parents house, as my mom hasn't the space to store them anymore. WOW!!! SO many memories and then also looking at the very, very old pics of great-great and older? family members from way back in the 1800s.

I have smiled, laughed, and cried while looking at them. What an archive of family treasure!!

As I sort thru and catagorize? I think on the past and the memories that I have thru so many years. Some good, some not. Some very painful as you get reminded of the wrongs that may have been done to you.

My goal for today and hopefully for the days ahead? I want to 'catagorize' the memories in my mind. Remember with joy and fondness the good, joyful and precious times. Put into perspective the not so good ones. Try to prayerfully, 'Let go and Let God'. Put them into the hands of our Lord and let Him take them! I am not at all good at doing this, even tho I know that it is what He wants us to do always!!

Why do we usually focus more on the bad, the hurt, the pain longer and stronger than the positives in our lives? It only serves to keep us from LIVING our lives. Living our lives is a precious gift from the Lord. When we focus more on the 'bad', we only give power and control to those that that may have caused the pain to begin with!! Often times these people have passed away or are no longer a part of our lives at all!!

I do not say all of this lightly, as I am 'preaching to the choir' as the saying goes. I struggle daily to focus on the good, and trying to let go of the past stresses as well as whatever I might be daily facing! So, I assure you, I completely understand what many of you may have dealt with in the past, or face today. As I have shared with Brenda, I think I have experienced truly about everthing good and bad this world can offer. Whether my own mistakes or mistakes of friends and family, I have honestly 'been there, done that'. Nothing surprises, offends, or shocks me. At times I let that fact get me down too much? Just think, WHAT IF? Perhaps the Lord has allowed certain life lessons, and in my own self serving mistakes, He wants to use those to help others feel that they are not so alone? So often, in church, and with friends and family, we put on the happy face. So afraid of what others might think if we become truly honest and share our pain, but also our hopes to heal and become better women for the Lord??!!!! I pray that this may be a place for you to feel you can safely share the good and the bad, and let's all move forward, prayerfully, together! Grow and learn together! It is a process of good and bad days in this journey. Let's try to get more of the good days, days where no matter what, we can keep leaning on His strength and His grace! Oh, I thank Him sooo much for His grace and patience with me!!!

I pray that each of us can begin, starting this day, to TRULY lay our burdens down, our mistakes, our failures, at the foot of the cross. Begin, this day, to heal and move forward to the joys and the trust in Him that He wants to show us. He desires for us to be whole persons.

May He grant each of those out there that are hurting, to reach out and let Him take us on a healing journey.

Praying for each of you!!
Brenda and I are thankful for each of you that visit us here!



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