Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's !!!!!

Can you believe it, it's 2011! Man I don't know where 2010 went. I look back and realize I didn't get much done. But the blessings that I have had are amazing. The first one comes as a meeting of the farmgirl henhouse, "Scattered Prairie Gals". Girls I want to thank you for your friendship, support and prayer's. To think that if I had never picked up that first Mary Jane's farm magazine, and got on line and joined in, my life would be much less full of new sister's. We had such a good time and several new girls have joined us, and looking forward to our next get together. Then of course all my grand-children. The oldest that is away to college, We only was able to see him a couple of times, but they were the bestest time. I watched as each time he was able to come home the growth into a young man I so love. I can still see the little guy, with a head full of curls. Then the one that is a Jr. in high school, he's just a unbelievable teenage boy! He keeps the grades up, like straight A's in advance classes. Plays Varsity Footfall and plays for a traveling baseball team. Has a p/t job, and says he knows where he's taking his life after college. Some say he has big dreams, but if anyone can do it will be him. I always told my children they can be and do anything they desire, and have past this on to the grand-children. There is so much negative given to children today, I feel that is one thing the Lord has given me, is a way to show them positive and how to work through the impossible to your dream. Then I have another grand-son that will be a sophomore and he is doing well in his studies and really into football and track. He believes he may make it to the Olympics with his gifts in track. There again a wonder dream! Then we have the 11 year old grand-daughter that already wants to be a pastry chef! We get to sample her creations! Then I have another grand-daughter who is a Jr. in high school, and 17???? She also is doing well in school, working a part time job and crazy about her boyfriend. Isn't that typical!! I just imagine by now that you know very well how much I love these children and are so proud of them, which leads to my son and daughter doing a good job that they were taught to do. But none of the blessings would I have if the Lord had not given them to me. This has been a rough year with hubby and I experiencing a year of unemployment. We have learned to live a lot differently. And can get down quite often. But when you look back and see what he has brought to our lives, no grumbles. God is good and knows what is good for us. In each down time, he's teaching something good. Everyone have a wonderful day and share your love of Christ with others. Will be back so0n. Brenda

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