Friday, January 28, 2011


I've been reading a fiction book about a lady that had lost her young daughter in a accident. I could go on and on to get to the point, but basically her life stopped. She became a friend to one of the new ones in town. He was much older than her and he was raising his little grand-daughter. They became very good friends and he seemed to see right into her heart. He asked her to close her eyes and imagine something she would die for~~~then go out and live for it! But it has to be living. That stopped me right away. He was trying to show her that she'd never forget her precious daughter, but she needs to let her go, she wouldn't want her mother living like this. The first thought I had was, I would die for the Lord. Than I thought my children and grandchildren. I thought it would have to be my grandchildren, because they are at the age that they need guidance and teaching of the Lord. Than it occurred to me that I had already made that choice to die for the Lord. He knows this and I feel he has me here to show others what a life with Christ is like and help them to make the chose as they feel is right for them. Even though I'm writing this right now, the question still stays in my mind. How would you answer this question if someone approached you for an answer?? I believe that he places things, people, occasions into our life to put our mind into motion. And with this one, he for sure has done that. As you go about your day, take the time to ponder this. It could be a very important question for us to delve into. Go forward and have a very blessed day!

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