Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day of His Birth

Well the pies are made and salads started. And we're suppose to get some snow tomorrow. I love a white Christmas. Not like last year, we couldn't even travel for Christmas dinner which was only 20 min. away. When they plowed our street, we live on a dead end, the snow was piled up so high we couldn't even get out. So praying that everyone will be able to get with your families and friends. Christmas cards mailed, gifts wrapped, and Christmas clothes laid out. Busy, Busy!! The lights and trees decorated with our special ornaments, the smell of our favorites cooking near by, and the memories we carry with us from year to year. But, do we stop and remember the day Jesus was born is upon us. Was talking to Linda the other day and she said she enjoys celebrating him everyday. Do we and if not, why don't we??? How would it be if the first thing we think when we wake in the morning, is what a blessing today will be. And listen and watch for the signs that he is with us and showing us the way. So many days we let the day go by and take everything for granted. Then as night falls we may stop and talk with the Lord before we settle in before the next day approaches. What did we miss, what was he showing or telling us. All the busyness we so often can't remember half of what we did in one day. Let's try to slow down in the new year and make him #1 as soon as we rise. We may be really surprised at the things we hear and see, once we are focused on the Lord, and believe and have the faith that he's walking right beside us. Well I believe that I have 1 more symbol of the season to share with you.

Holiday Greenery

Evergreens in the winter have long been used for decorating. Their brightness in the gloom of winter represents eternal life, and hope for spring. Some legends say holly represents the crown of thorns worn by Christ, and the berries represent the blood He shed.

"Bring in the fir tree, the box, and the bay,
And deck out our cottage for glad Christmas day!"

These are words of a delightful old carol.


We pray that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and safety in travel. we will see you after the New Year. Hugs, Brenda

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