Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boy its cold outside

Good morning, talk about cold!! They are predicting rain, ice and possible some snow flakes. But I guess, what do we expect. Remember last the big snow storm right at Christmas. It's ok, I love seeing it snow if I don't have to get out. And this time of year I have plenty to keep me busy inside. Want to share a couple of Symbols of the season.

The Christmas Tree
Trees have been associated with the holiday season for hundreds of years. One story involves St. Boniface, a 7th century monk. He used the conical fir tree to represent the Holy Trinity. In Central Europe, trees were hung upside down as a symbol of Christianity.

Martin Luther is reported to have lighted a small evergreen for his children, to demonstrate how the stars twinkled on the very first Christmas. The custom became popular throughout Europe. Prince Albert brought the custom to England in the 1840's.

As immigrants traveled to America they brought the custom with them. A shiny, tinsel-bedecked evergreen at Christmas is one of this country's most beloved holiday symbols.

The Christmas Rose
Deep in the mountains of Europe, a flower blooms in the depth of winter. This flower, a hellebore, is called the Christmas or White Rose. One legend tells of a young shepherd girl who was very sad because she had no gift to present to the Christ Child. In her sadness, she wept. Where her tears touched the ground, beautiful roses bloomed. She plucked a bouquet and presented it to the Babe.After that gift, the rose bloomed around Christmas every year.

What a totally blessed happening to see all the beautiful things that the Lord has provided for us, to see his love for us. Let's keep our minds and eyes open to see even the smallest blessing he is offering! Hugs, Brenda

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