Thursday, January 5, 2012


Good morning to all!!!

Well, we are nearly 1 week into this new year of 2012.

I have found an amazing website that has really been blessing me each day. It is loaded with great things to help us grow in our daily walk with Jesus!

The website is:

Please check it out! I promise you will be blessed.

My new year is bringing changes each day..... Good ones.... I think!

I am spending more time with gkids each day and they are a blessing. They bless me, challenge my thoughts and for certain make me smile!!!! It is true that kiddos DO say the darndest things, lol!!

Has anyone done any resolutions? I try each year and usually blow it by the 2nd day?!
This year I am looking more long term and looking for God to guide what I do, instead of hoping to rely on myself! That is never a good thing in my case!!

It is my hope that this year, I learn from Him, grow in Him, develop more friendships and learn from other sisters in Christ.

His blessings abound and I hope to learn and cherish each one that He allows for me!!!

It has been amazing weather here and I am blessed by the warm sunshine and crisp air! We are into winter and I am still able to enjoy the balcony and quiet prayer time with Him there!

My thoughts and prayers are with you dear ladies!
Life today is a journey, certainly a challenge some days!
I may not know every challenge that you are facing this day....
BUT HE DOES!!!!! And even if, at the moment, you may feel alone and confused??
Reach out to HIM!!! Keep hanging in there and know that IN HIS TIME you will see a victory! HE will see you thru!!! I have been at that place! I may be at that place again!!!

It is my prayer that, no matter what, we all remember His love, His strength, His wisdom is NEVER FAILING!! Lean on that, trust in that always!
May each one of us have a day that HE goes before us and we are blessed by HIM!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Your visits and comments bless our day!!


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