Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorating Day!!!!

Good morning to all!

Today is decorating day at the apt. Dd and I will ready the place for Christmas!

I enjoy putting up lights and decorations on the balcony. Begins to get me in the spirit of Christmas!

After my day yesterday??? I really need the Christmas spirit lifted!
Had 3 of my gkids over, which I love to do! Ever have those 'kid' days that just don't go so well??Pretty sure that you moms and gmas out there know what I mean??
The kids acted up all day. Fighting with each other, arguing with me.. It rained all day and many of the downtown Christmas events were cancelled. The rest Supossedly free' ones that I had hoped to enjoy with them? The 3 events would have cost over a hundred bucks! Really? Good grief!!!

So, the day just kept going from bad to worse with grumpy kids and grumpy gma!!
Chatted with Brenda last nite and vented. Thank you, dear friend, for reminding me that we are not alone. Every mom and gma has those rough days! Truth be told, prob more often than not !! Scream!! Lol!

Well, anyway , today is a new day. A new start and fresh beginning!

I am soooo very thankful that the Lord grants us a new beginning each day! Aren't you! I make mistakes far more than I want to! In my faith , and in my roles as mom, gma and friend.

I am so thankful that He will begin a fresh day with me. It is my prayer that this new day, I do a better job of showing His love and being His servant, and trusting Him more!!!

My He bless your day today, ladies!

Welcome to our new followers!



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