Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Good Morning Ladies!!
Well, you know those times when something comes out of nowhere, you sure were not expecting it, and it has the potential to just rock the boat that you are already struggling to keep afloat? That 'boat' called life!!!!

This is where I am at this AM. Details are not important, but my kids dad has resurfaced again. The first time was after 20 plus years, literally on the evening of my father's death, the only father figure my kids ever had!! He stayed in some of my kids life for a few months, then they had a falling out. Well, after nearly 4 years, here he is again as he has sent a letter to the 2 he connected with and had a falling out with. Now, I am not trying to make light of this in any way, on a personal level, I feel sick to my stomach!!! But, at these times, you have to just step back and kinda think, 'REALLY GOD'!!!??? Thought we were done with this trial sometime back!!

As I begin my day, I am hanging on by a thread and will pray those prayers that are tough to pray when you honestly are not at all sure what or how to pray!!!

What truth that I do know, I will cling to---that even when life seems so absurd and out of control, out of my control, when my anger and hurt and frustration get the best of my family and I, HE will be there to step in and hold us up!! Of that I have complete confidence!! Will I like or even enjoy how He may go about it?? Don't think so! Lol! But somehow, in HIS STRENGTH my family and I will get thru the days and challenges and struggles that lie ahead. There seem to be a few lately as there some serious health issues within family members lately as well. What is that saying? '3 steps forward, 2 steps backward?'

Ladies, as you go about your day and face some of your own difficulties and trials, please know that Brenda and I are here to listen and we want for all of us to share and be a comfort and strength to one another. Lift one anothers burdens in prayer and support. May His strength be all sufficient each moment at a time today! Blessings to all!! Linda


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