Monday, November 15, 2010


Ladies, today was our 'party' drawing day!!! The winner is.............da-da-da-dada!!! Beverly from Missouri!! Congratulations!! We will be getting ahold of you Beverly! Thank you to all for joining in on our blog and we will have a 'party' every couple months or so. Please keep joining us and leaving your thoughts and comments. We love to hear from you.

How has the day gone for everyone? We hope well. What are everyone's Thanksgiving plans? Any fun recipes to share? Traditations to share?

I think my favorite Thanksgiving dish are the cranberries, we usually have mashed rutabagas, I love those, and my all time fav is pumpkin pie!! How about all of you?

What is everyone thankful for this season? I think family, and prayeres for good health come to my mind first and formost!

Have a good evening Ladies!!

Blessings, Linda


  1. Congrat's Beverly!!!! Your going to get a lot of fun things.

    Thanksgiving we spend it with our daughter and son-in-law and of course the kiddo's. We all go out to Kenny's folks. We just have a fun and relaxing day. Lot's of good stuff to eat(really to much). And we have several kids my grandkids age and we all love to play games.
    My cranberry salad is my very favorite, And the sweet potatoe casserole. Use to be the chicken and noodles mom use to fix. I'm going to have to give them a try someday. Maybe for Christmas. I'll share to cranberry salad later on tonight. I am very thankfull for my grand-children. They are the highlight of our lives. And their parents have done a really good job raising them. They make me proud. Thankful for all my family and friends, and the ability to praise the Lord openly. Hope to hear some of your activities for Thanksgiving. Hugs, Brenda

  2. This is embarrassingly LATE....Thank you!!! I'm sooo excited!!! I haven't won anything in forever! You guys are AWESOME!!!