Thursday, November 18, 2010


Good afternoon, ladies! It is a beautiful, but very crisp, day here today! We had lite snowfall, yesterday that thankfully did not stick!!! Not ready for the white stuff, lol! Yesterday was National Bread Day, thank you Beverly for letting us know, sooo with the help and encouragement of the MJF farmgirls......I made a loaf of bread. I used to bake bread and rolls often. Then just stopped for many reasons. As I find more of myself again, and get back to the things I used to love to enjoy doing.......I get brave and take up the new challenges again. I made an Irish Soda Bread. It came out lovely. Will try to post a pic in a few days. It is a dense bread, but I find the flavor kind of nutty and good. I will do some yeast breads next month. I love the process of making bread and often think of how rattled and stress we are today. The process and joy of growing our own things, making our own things.........well, it has become a lost art for most. I may be in an apt. now. However, my balcony can produce a small container varitey of herbs and such. Without the land to keep up and the younger, healthier body to do the chores, LOL......I am able to take up knitting and some sewing again. I am not able to be on this ol injured foot of mine for too long, so I am able to try to knit and get some sewing and crafts done. These things, I truly think, allowed us to relax more, back in the day, so to speak. Today, everyone is running around all crazy and we seem to have lost a lot of the 'simple' things. Even if you feel you are not 'talented' in baking, crafting, needlecrafts, etc. Think about taking a day and start a simple project of one of these!! There are recipes, instructions and patterns online for free!! How about it ladies? You may surprise yourself and I guarantee that you will find it peaceful and more enjoyable than you may have thought!! ENJOY!! Blessings, Linda

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