Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Times

What can be better than getting together with your loved ones and just enjoying who they are. With the holidays upon us, we will be planning several times to be together. Well Tom and I had a wonderful and fun weekend! Our daughter and son-in-law went out of town for their 20th wedding anniversary. We went to their house to stay with the grandchildren. You need to know that Spencer is 16 and Macee is 11. So they really don't need to be watched but to have someone if they need anything. When we all arrived at their house after school, there was a crock pot full of chili that Patrice had put on that morning. Yippee! No cooking that night. Spencer just kind of hung out and was getting his living space cleaned up for when Stephen comes home Tuesday from college in Kentucky. And he got his homework finished so he didn't have to bother later. Macee had a friend over and we had a fun night of watching movies and Macee made shakes. Then Sat. off we go up to the high school for a fund raiser for the Youth Disabled Olympic. Now we had several group of boys form their own teams(note, they have never played volleyball). Now you have to know that I had one grandson, Johnnie on a freshman team and than, Spencer on a Jr. team. There were about 6-7 other teams. We laughed ourselves crazy. And the boys were laughing and having a good time. If you know about how the teams play the brackets if finally came down to the two best teams for the play offs. Guess what, my two grandsons were going to play against each other! Well the Jr.s just knew they would take these guys, they were much bigger and older. Well they will never live down the end results. Freshmen won!!! It was all for fun and helping out others. And isn't that what life is about. Laughing and enjoying those who touch your life and being there to support and be there to help when needed. This Thanksgiving lets all take a few minutes and just look around you dinner table and see the blessings the Lord has given us. I did just that over the weekend. As we sat and played games Saturday evening, I felt blessed that my grandchildren just wanted to spend the time with us. Laughing, mostly at me, trying to come up with answers to the game. And to think that a 16 and 11 year old enjoyed having a night with grammy and poppy, touched my heart. The Lord is Good, we just need to take the time to stop and see all the little blessings in our life. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Sounds like you & Tom definitely enjoyed yourselves! Your volleyball story is too funny!

    Happy Thanksgiving to 2 of my newest blessings :)