Monday, February 7, 2011


Good afternoon!

Well, the weather report is for more snow tomorrow and the next day! Went to the store and I think I am now set for the rest of the month, LOL!

Our prayers are for everyone as this winter snow has been very hard on so many. Many have been left without power at times.

We have a blogger friend, 'Prairie Flower Farm' that could use our support. Her family is attemping to adopt an adorable little guy. Certainly seems like a plan of the Lord!! Anyway, many of us are trying to donate handmade items to help raise money for the family. If any of our followers would like to help out, please let us know and leave a comment. We will get details to you.

Isn't the family of God amazing? To work together and bring about His will is always a blessing to behold!!

Thank you to all our blogger friends who follow us. May God bless and enrich your day!

Blessings, Linda


  1. Can you believe more snow coming? It has been a rough one,but I am grateful that I have kept power here on the farm. 2 winters ago we were without power for a week ! Oh my !!

    God's family is amazing for sure! I stand in awe of His love,mercy,grace and forgiveness.

    I would love to come up with something to help out. Hummm...thinking !! I could offer one of my hand bound journals !

    Hugs.. Kristy

  2. Hello sweetie Linda, You are so precious!!!!! It has been such an encouragement to hear ladies want to help bring Vitaliy Home. Come over and read my post today. God has been so precious to us. I sure hope we can all meet someday!

    Love you sweet friend, Linda

    Also thank you Kristy for your sweetness also!

  3. Thank you Kristy, check out Linda's Stubb's blog! Linda, cannot wait to meet you and Kristy! Hopefully in spring or fall, us Ks/Mo ladies can meet up soon. God Bless!!

    Blessings, Linda