Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall IS Coming!!!

Good Morning to all!!!

In most parts of the country, weather is at long last, turning cooler. WOW, what a SCORCHER this summer was!

Now, we can prepare for fall and cooler, lovely weather. I will enjoy so much the turning of leaves. Those autumn colors will so be enjoyed this year!!!

As we prepare for a new season, lets share some of our favorite fall recipes! Brenda and I will post some of ours here over the next weeks. Let's have fun sharing, maybe we can come up with a fun giveaway to tie in somehow............thinking.......thinking.......thinking...........

Well, as Brenda and I both have been dealing with some health issues, days can be really a bit tough sometimes?? Anyone relating???

I really try to start my mornings with quiet time with the Lord. I think that I have shared these before? Well worth sharing again........

Favorite sites to Bless You!!!

Check them out!! You can even sign up for daily email devotions and scripture readings!!

Ladies, ENJOY your day. May God Bless each and everyone one of you! We are keeping you in thoughts and prayers!

Blessings, Linda

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  1. I am enjoying this cool mornings. I hope you are both doing well soon.