Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is in the air.........HOORAY!!!!!


Hope that everyone is able to sense the change in the air!!

It has seemed forever, for most of us, to feel a cool air and breeze! Thank you, Heavenly Father for the change in seasons!! So looking forward to fall baking and decorating and crafting!!

I have spent the last couple days working on some crafts. I have posted here about the large roll top desk I got thru Craigs list.

It has some small and med cubbies in it. Total of about 11 in all. Was going to put little baskets in them to store crafting items. Then I had a brainstorm. A much less expensive idea. In fact, I am using what I have on hand already.
I began to wash up and save various , used and empty ,plastic food containers! Yogurt, sour cream, etc, you get the idea.

Some I will paint, glaze and embellish. Others I will cover with fabric and lace or paper alter them. I am NOT the craftiest. But I am learning and Brenda gives encouragement when I get too hard on myself and the finished product!! Lol! Thank you, dear friend!!

The larger cubbies each hold 3-16-20 oz containers and 1-2-4oz. There are 5 cubbies.
The smaller cubbies each hold 2-2-4oz containers and there are 6 cubbies.

Lots of room to get all my chipboard, stickers, fabric squares, beads, etc etc out of the drawers and boxes they are in!!! If I can get better at the 'upload' thing, lol, I will post pics next Wed???!!!

Today it is very gray and a bit overcast.

As a transplant from the west coast to middle America, I really didn't like the gray skies that are so often a part of the days and seasons here. Really missed the west coast sunshine of So Calif the past 2 years!

I felt the Lord led me to this move, yet I went kinda kicking and hollering the whole way!!?? Anyone ever get like that? *Smile*

Thankfully, and ONLY by HIS GRACE, I am at long last actually enjoying my new surroundings.
More than even enjoying? I am beginning to feel blessed to share this part of our country! Blessed that I am in an apt, where things that I am no longer able to take care of myself, are handled by our great maintenance crew here!

Blessed that I have a balcony that overlooks a lovely parklike setting and I can enjoy that AM cup of tea when the weather is nice!! Have a tiny garden!

Blessed that in coming from rural to suburban, I have many great large and small shops and coffee and tea houses to enjoy! Museums, antique stores and many lakes and parks!!

Most of all, blessed that I have an amazing daughter (I have an amazing 4 grown kids and 5 gkids) that I roomate with. She is full of laughter and art and paper altering crafts!

There are A LOT of differences to be certain. Thanks to prayer and His patience, I am little by little learning to be thankful for what He has granted me.

Thanks for visiting today, prayers for your day!!


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